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> Business Faculty

Dean's Office:

d_09.jpgDean of the Business Faculty Irina Romanova B. Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Accounting and Audit, deputy director of the Institute of Economics and Business at USU.

In 1998by the decision of the Central Certification and Licesing Audit Commission of the Ministry of Finance she was given the qualification certificate of an auditor in the sphere of general audit.The sphere of her scientific interests is related to the problems of strategic management competitiveness of higher education institutions.

More than 100of her scientific works , reports and study guides have been published, including 85scientific and 13 academic. Over the last 3years 28 works, including 23scientific, 5academic have been published. She is the author of 4monographs, 8teaching guides , including one that was approved by the EMA (Educational and MethodicalAssociation), 22 articles published in journals included in the list of the SCADT (State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles).

Consulting hours of the Dean: Tuesday −3.00 5.00 p.m.

Dean's Office is open:

Monday-Thursday: 900to 1300and 1400to 1800;

Friday from 900to 13-00 and 1400to 17.00

Days off: Saturday, Sunday

Issuance of certificates to students: Monday to Friday during the working hours of the dean's office

Contact Information :29 Federation street, room 13and room 5, Tel.: (8422) 42-61-23

Information about the business faculty of the Institute of Economics and Business of USU

Business Faculty of the Institute of Economics and Business, USU was established by the Academic Council of the University in 2007.

the Faculty of Business implements the following educational programs :

  • Accelerated course of education - for people with secondary economic education
  • A Second Higher Education
  • External studies for people with general secondary or vocational education.

The accelerated training full-time course takes 3academic years to complete and the part-time course continues for 3.5 academic years in the following areas of bachelor degree course:

  • 080200 Management (part-time)
  • 080100 Economics (full-time, part-time)
  • 81100 State and Municipal Management (part-time)
  • 080500 Business Informatics (part-time)

Students can receive a Second Higher Education over 3 years on evening classes in the following areas of bachelor degree course:

  • Economics" (part-time)
  • Admission tests: writing test in the Russian language
  • Students of the externship are able to obtain higher education for 3year in the following areas of bachelor degree course
  • Economics

Education is carried out in the following areas:

In the area of Management :

  • Financial Management
  • Production Management
  • Marketing
  • International Management

In the area of Economics :

  • Finance and credit
  • Accounting, analysis and audit
  • Economics, finance and accounting in the organization

Information about areas of training:

1. Training speciality 080100 "Economics":

Qualification requirements.The areas of Bachelor's professional activity include:

  • economic , financial, industrial, economic and analytical services in different industries, areas and forms of ownership,
  • financial, credit and insurance institutions
  • government and municipal authorities,
  • departmental academic and research organizations,
  • educational institutions, educational institutions of primary vocational, secondary vocational, higher vocational and additional professional education.

The objects of professional bachelors' activities are the behavior of economic agents, their expenses and benefits, functioning markets, financial and information flows, manufacturing processes.

The Bachelor of Economic speciality 080100 field will be trained for the following professional activities:

  • settlement and economic;
  • analytical, research;
  • organizational management;
  • teaching .

Bachelor of Economic speciality 080100will be trained to solve professional problems according to the professional activities:

Calculating and economics activities:

  • preparation of input data for the calculation of economic and socio economic indicators of the activity of economic entities;
  • carrying out calculations of economic and socio-economic indicators based on standard techniques, taking into account the existing legal framework;
  • development of economic sections of enterprises' plans of different ownership forms, organizations and agencies;

Analytical and research activities:

  • searching for information as assigned, collecting and analyzing of data necessary for particular economic calculations;
  • processing of economic data according to the task, analysis, evaluation , interpretation of the results and validation of conclusions;
  • building of the standard theoretical and econometric models of the processes, of phenomena and objects related to the field of professional activity, analysis and interpretation of the results;
  • Analysis and interpretation of indicators characterizing socio-economic processes and phenomena at the micro and macro level, both in Russia and abroad;
  • Preparation of information reviews, analytical reports;
  • statistical surveys, polls, surveys and primary processing of their results;
  • development of the design approaches in the field of professional activity, preparing of plans and activities for the implementation of the developed projects and programs;

Management activities:

  • development of various management decisions, justifying their selection based on the criteria of socio- economic efficiency, considering the risk and possible socio-economic consequences of decisions;
  • organization of the entrusted work stage;
  • operational management teams and small groups formed for the implementation of the given economic project;
  • preparation and adoption of decisions on the management and improvement of economic services and divisions of enterprises of different ownership forms, organizations, agencies, considering the legal, administrative and other restrictions;

Teaching activities:

  • teaching economic subjects in comprehensive institutions, educational institutions of primary vocational, secondary vocational, higher vocational and additional professional education
  • Training course for full-time bachelors takes 3academic years, part-time 3.5 years.

2. Training speciality 080500Business Informatics:

Qualification requirements. Area of professional Bachelors' activities includes:

  • designing the architecture enterprise;
  • strategic planning development of information management system and information and communication technology of enterprise management;
  • Organisation lifecycle processes of information management system and information and communication technology enterprise management;
  • analytical support to decision-making processes for enterprise management.

The objects of the Bachelor's professional activity are:

  • Enterprise Architecture;
  • methods and tools of creation and development of e-businesses and their component;
  • information management system and information and communication technology in business management;
  • methods and tools lifecycle of information management system and information and communication technology;
  • innovation and innovation processes in the field of information and communication technology.

The Bachelor with speciality 080500Business Informatics is preparing for the following professional activities:
  • analytical;
  • organizational management;
  • Design;
  • Research;
  • Consulting;
  • innovation and entrepreneurship.

The training course for the part-time Bachelors is 3.5 academic years.

3. Training speciality 080200 "Management"

Qualification requirements:

The manager should be ready for the following activities, which are allocated according to its purpose and place in the control system:

  • managerial, organizational, economic, financial planning, marketing, information analysis, design and research, diagnostic, innovative, methodical, consulting, educational.

The Bachelor should:

  • have a systematized image of the structure and development trends of Russian and world economies;
  • be aware of the variety of economic processes in the modern world, their connection with other processes in society.

Should know:

  • theoretical foundations and principles of functioning of the economy, including transient processes;
  • principles of adoption and implementation of economic and management decisions.

Shouldbe able to:

  • Identify economic problems in the analysis of specific situations, propose the ways to solve them, and assess the expected results;
  • organize and systemize information, make references and surveys on professional activity, correct, annotate, review texts;
  • use the basic and special methods of economic analysis in the field of professional activity;
  • Develop and reason different effective economic decisions;
  • criticize from different points (production, motivational, institutional, etc.) behavior of economic agents, the development trend of objects in the field of professional activity;
  • be able to use computer technology as a user to solve economic problems.

The Training course for bachelors 3.5 academic years.

4. Training speciality 081100State and Municipal Management:

Qualification requirements:

  • knowledge of the Constitution of the Russian Federation,
  • Knowledge of federal constitutional laws, federal laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, laws and other regulations, related with activities of the bodies of the Ministry of Culture, in relation to the execution of official duties;
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of organization and work of the state service;
  • knowledge of the principles of the civil service, demands to the duty conduct of a civil servant;
  • Knowledge of the basic rights and the main duties of the state civil servants, as well as limitations and restrictions associated with the civil service;
  • basic knowledge of state and municipal office;
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations restricted by official duties;
  • to have special skills required for the performance of official duties.

The training course for Bachelors takes 3.5 academic years.

For more information on entering the Institute, please contact:

  • Admissions committee at USU:
    432970, Ulyanovsk, Lev. Tolstoy street, 42, office 10
    Tel. (8422) 41-20-90
  • Dean's Office of the Business Faculty:
    tel. (8422) 42-6123(8422) 37-24-45