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> Faculty of Dual Degree Prgrams

Dean, Associate Professor
Skovikov Anatoly Gennadievich




Faculty History
The USU Faculty of Dual Degree Programs was opened by the decision of the Academic Council of the branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Ulyanovsk on September 20, 1994. As part of the law on education, the faculty implements training programs in two disciplines simultaneously, thus helping the most active and prepared part of young people to get education in two or more areas of human activity.
No other Russian university has such an experience of multidisciplinary training. The faculty prepares unique specialists, who are in high demand from employers both in our region and far beyond its borders. In the process of training, the faculty students not only become full-fledged specialists in each of the two chosen fields, but also often outperform graduates with traditional training. Our graduates have good prospects to get prestigious work under difficult conditions of the market economy. Similar educational programs are successfully implemented in the USA and Europe (Dual Education).
At present, the structure of the labor market and the features of the country's economic and social development require knowledge from specialists in several areas of professional activity, the skills of an integrated solution of professional tasks. In modern conditions, a large number of problems arise, requiring new, non-standard methods for their resolution. It is the novelty of approaches that ensures the success of any business in the conditions of fierce competition. The arsenal of an ordinary young specialist is limited to the narrowly professional framework of one specialty. And the optimal solution is often at the junction of several areas. For example, a modern market economy can function effectively only with a proper legal regulation. In this regard, in the area of jurisprudence, it is required to provide students with fundamental economic training. On the other hand, ignorance of the current legislation often hinders the effective management of the economy, the conduct of an effective advertising and marketing policy of the enterprise or organization. Equally important is the professional knowledge of the legal framework by a specialist in social work, or a specialist in the field of service and tourism. One of the conditions to design a high-quality software product, the introduction of information technology is a good understanding by the programmer of a simulated phenomenon or process. This is impossible without obtaining additional education in the relevant applied field. For example, the developer of software systems in the sphere of monetary circulation must undoubtedly possess a complex of knowledge in the field of finance and credit. Simultaneous training in two specialties or disciplines at the Faculty of Dual Degree Programs of USU ensures the achievement of this goal. Absolutely new prospects are opened before the graduates of the faculty,  there is an opportunity to work effectively at the intersection of different professions.

Contact information:

Address: 4a,Pushkinskaya str., room 501
432700, Ulyanovsk, the Ulyanovsk region, Privolzhsky federal district,

Phone: (8422) 32-07-06
E-mail: fts1@edu.uven.ru
Appointment hours: Tuesday — Friday: from 14:00 to 17:00