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> IT Department


Head of the information technologies department: Volkov Maxim Anatolyevich, associate professor.

The IT department was founded in June, 2006owing to the merger of two faculties: Mechanical-mathematical Faculty (MMF) and Faculty of information technologies and telecommunications (FITT) into one Faculty of mathematics and information technologies. At the same time two departments were closed down: the Mathematical Cybernetics and Information Science department (existing in the structure of MMF) and the Information Technologies and Systems department (existing in the structure of FITT). Instead of these departments (and from among their employees) the department of "Information technologies" was formed.

The department is staffed with highly qualified specialists who have an extensive experience of practical work in the field of information technologies. At the moment there are 12regular teachers working at the department, of them two professors. Teachers of the department conduct classes at many faculties and institutes of the university.

The department trains students in bachelor degree program 01.05.00 "Software and administration of information systems" (major Technology of programming) and 23.07.00 Application-oriented information science (major Information sphere). Master programs are offered in 01.05.00 "Software and administration of information systems". During the years of its existence the department has trained more than 400specialists.

More than 10PhD theses were defended by staff members of the department. Now 8graduate students and 1doctoral student pursue their training. Educational process is provided with a large number of the computer classrooms with access to the Internet and equipped with the modern computers and software. Students have an opportunity to simulate and project information resources and systems, to implement course projects and theses, and also to use them for presentations of the research work and reports at seminars and conferences.

Working hours of the IT department:

Mon Fri, 9.00 17.00

Appointment hours of the department chair:

Mon 10.00 12.00

Wed 10.00 12.00


432700, Ulyanovsk,

1, Sviyaga River Embankment, building 3, room. 220

E-mail: itk@ulsu.ru

Phone: (8422) 37-24-73