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> Department of Information Security and Management Theory

Department of Information Security and Management Theory

Department chair: Andreyev A.S., professor, physical and mathematical sciences, member of the National committee of the Russian Federation on theoretical and applied mechanics, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and ANN, Scientific and methodical council of Methodological Board of the Russian Federation on theoretical mechanics.


The department provides the training in the following programs:

 01.03.02 (010400.62) Applied mathematics and information science (major mathematical modeling) bachelor’s degree;

 01.05.01 (010701.65) Fundamental mathematics and mechanics (major "traffic control") specialty program;

 10.05.01 (090301.65) Computer security specialty program.

The department trains specialists in the field of management theory who have a perfect command of mathematical modeling of physical and mechanical processes, bases of the designing of control systems. This training which is based on comprehensive use of a computer allows a graduate to develop new and use actively the available mathematical models of physical processes and mechanical systems in the solution of various complex scientific and engineering challenges, to investigate stability and stabilization of various mechanical systems and objects, to develop a control system on this basis.

Graduates of the department are engaged in the research and design activity at the science-intensive industrial enterprises, at branch institutes; with fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity at higher education institutions and educational institutions, successfully work in other branches of the national economy.

In program 090301 Computer security the department provides the training of specialists in the field of information security. Students study equipment rooms and software for protecting computer information during the work in local and global networks, cryptographic methods of enciphering and decoding information, means and methods of information security from illegal downloading, copying, damage in technical communication channels, automated systems of processing, storage and information transfer at a certain level of confidentiality, methods and means of ensuring information security of the automated systems.

More than 300 specialists have been graduated by the department, 3doctor's and 30master's theses have been defended at the department.

Results of scientific work in the field of theory of stability and management represent a new extensive area. The developed methods of research of stability are based on the creation of topological dynamics of systems and application of functions of fixed signs and Lyapunov's functionalities. They develop and generalize many classical theorems, allow to expand a scope of functions and Lyapunov's functionalities considerably for the solution of various theoretical and applied tasks on stability and management of the movements of mechanical systems. New solutions of problems of synthesis of non-stationary control systems with the continuous, discrete and late feedback have been found.

In the field of information security the prominent scientific area of the department application of heuristic algorithms in different problems of discrete optimization. Such methods of programming of heuristic algorithms as neural network technologies, genetic algorithms, incomplete method of branches and borders are applied to anytime algorithms. Devices of nonconventional methods of decision-making have been developed, especially effective when some expert subprogrammes assess the considered situation essentially variously. The device of the functions of risk including which are dynamically generated and adjusted on the solved task is successfully used.

Address of the department:

1, building I, room 603a, Sviyaga River Embankment, 432700, Ulyanovsk,

E-mail address: mtu@ulsu.ru

Phone: (8422) 37-2473 (ext. 4)

Visiting hours of the department chair: Monday 16.0017.00, room 603.