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> Department of Applied Mathematics

Department of Applied Mathematics


Department chair: A.A. Butov, professor, doctor of Physics and Mathematics, a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored worker of science and engineering of the Ulyanovsk region. The department of applied mathematics at USU (at that time a branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Ulyanovsk) was established as the two first departments in the summer of 1989. The peculiarity of study consisted in the necessary to organize continuous educational process at two faculties, combining work of regular teachers, part-time instructors from other higher education institutions of the city and, the main thing, the invited professors and associate professors of MSU.

At the moment 15regular teachers are working at the department, of them four professors, doctors of Physics and Mathematics: Alexander Aleksandrovich Butov, Alexander Robertovich Kemer, Sergey Petrovich Mishchenko, Leonid Mikhaylovich Samoylov. Also ten associate professors, candidates of Physics and Mathematics and one senior teacher, candidate of Physics and Mathematics, and also assistants and teachers who are part time staff members at the department.

During the years of existence the department of applied mathematics has prepared more than 600 specialists in the field of applied mathematics and information science, more than 20students have defended their master theses. Now training and scientific preparation is provided in the Applied Mathematics and Information Science area within bachelor and master programs, as well as training of graduate students and doctoral students in program 05.13.18 Mathematical simulation, numerical methods and complexes of programs.

The department implements, accomplished a large number of research projects. The main researches are carried out in the field of theory of random processes, classical algebra, theory and application-oriented methods of simulation modeling, mathematical methods in biology and medicine, methods of analysis and prediction of risks and many others.

Instructed disciplines:

researches in the field of theory of random processes, biostatistics, mathematical simulation in physiology, biology, gerontology (person in charge professor, A.A. Butov);

safe functioning of complex technical systems (person in charge professor, A.A. Butov.);

theory of associative PI algebras (person in charge professor, Kemer A.R.);

study of computer processes, creation of Web applications, software development for distant learning (person in charge associate professor Vodenin D.R.);

theory of dynamic systems, stability and control, simulation of physical processes (person in charge associate professor Bogdanov A.Yu.).

The department of applied mathematics trains students in bachelor and master programs: Applied mathematics and information science; supervises Probability theory and mathematical statistics on all courses and programs of the faculty.

Teachers of the department give classes at all faculties and at institutes of the university. Now the personnel structure of the department is replenished due to successful work of graduate study and doctoral studies. Now more than 6graduate students and doctoral students of the department pursue their training.

Working hours of the department:

Monday Friday, 9.00 17.00

Reception hours of the department chair:

Wednesday, 13.10 14.40 (for graduate students)

Wednesday, 10.30 12.00

Address of the department of Applied Mathematics:

1, Sviyaga River Embankment,

building I, room 604, 432700, Ulyanovsk,

E-mail address: pm@ulsu.ru

Phone: (8422) 37-24-73