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> Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology

Dean, Head of the Department, Associate Professor Volkov Maxim Anatolievich


Historically, the faculty was organized together with the university in 1988, when a branch of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov was opened in Ulyanovsk. In 1996, Moscow State University branch was reorganized into Ulyanovsk State University, in 2006its Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics was transformed into the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology (FMIT). In order to meet the increased demand of the region for highly skilled personnel in the field of aircraft building, the system of the cooperation development with Aviastar-SP, as well as to increase the attractiveness of the faculty for applicants, the decision was taken to rename the faculty from September 1, 2015, into the Faculty of Mathematics, Information and Aviation Technologies (FMAAT), (Order No. 737dated 08.09.2015 On renaming the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology
For 29years, the Faculty of Mathematics, Information and Aeronautical Technologies has become a major scientific and educational center of the region in the field of mathematical sciences, information and aviation technologies with a wide range of scientific research, engaged in the training of highly qualified specialists of a broad profile

Currently, the faculty employs 14doctors of science, including 9professors, 28 associate professors and candidates of science. As part-time employees, leading university teachers, heads of middle and senior management of organizations and enterprises of the city are involved. The staff of the faculty is successfully replenished at the expense of graduates who graduated from the graduate school (post-graduate training is conducted in 5scientific specialties) and doctoral studies (doctoral students are trained in two scientific specialties).

Dean of the Faculty: Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Department of Information Technologies Volkov Maxim Anatolievich.

To date, the faculty has trained more than 700students, for whom computer classes, a local Cisco academy, a training center for Sun Microsystems, a CALS-technology center and laboratories equipped with first-class equipment have been created and are functioning successfully. Students of all areas and specialties of the faculty receive fundamental training in mathematics, skills of system administration of object-oriented programming technologies, methods of designing information and telecommunication systems, etc. The educational process is built in full compliance with the requirements of federal state educational standards (GEF).

The structure of the Faculty includes 7chairs:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Information Security and Control engineering
  • Mathematical modelling of engineering systems
  • Information technologies
  • Telecommunications technologies and networks
  • Aviastar-SP chair of digital technologies in aircraft construction

Since 2011the faculty performs training in the following programs:

Bachelor's degree:

  • 010400 Applied Mathematics and Information Science, major Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, major Mathematical modelling.
  • 010500 Mathematical support and Administration of Information Systems, major programming technologies.
  • 160100 Aircraft Engineering, major modelling and operational research in systems theory.
  • 210700 Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Systems, major - Optical systems and communication networks.
  • 220100 System Analysis and Control, major modelling and operational research in systems theory.
  • 220700 Machining and production automation , major - automated control of product lifecycle.
  • 230400 Information Systems and Technologies, major Information Systems and Technologies.
  • 230700 Applied Information Science (crash course).

Master's degree:

  • 010400 Applied Mathematics and Information Science.
  • 010500 Mathematical support and Administration of Information Systems.
  • 210700 Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Systems, major - Optical Location Systems, Communication and Data Processing.
  • 220100 System Analysis and Control.

Specialist's Degree:

  • 010701 Fundamental mathematics and mechanics, major Motion control, major fundamental and applied algebra.
  • 090301 Computer Security, major Mathematical methods of data protection.

Students may work toward advanced specialities:

  • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • Fundamental and applied algebra
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Motion control
  • Mathematical methods of data protection
  • Software technologies
  • Modelling and process optimization
  • nformation Systems and Technologies in computer network

The Faculty of mathematics and information technologies has approximately 1000students. As part of the first-year curriculum, students are exposed to scientific inquiry and research. They acquire their practical experience in the computer classrooms, centers, laboratories with first-rate equipment.

All of our students have access to the specialized libraries. Our curriculum complies with educational standards of Russian Federation. We use modern methods of teaching and training.

The Faculty of mathematics and information technologies offers great academic career opportunities to post-graduate students:

There is a postgraduate course on the following specialties:

  • 01.01.06 Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory
  • 01.01.09 Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics
  • 01.02.01 Theoretical mechanics
  • 01.02.04 Mechanics of deformable solids
  • 05.03.01 Technology and equipment of mechanical and physical-technical processing
  • 05.13.11 Mathematical Software for Computers, Complexes and Computer Networks
  • 05.13.12 Automation systems of designing
  • 05.13.18 Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Computing and Software Systems
  • 05.13.19 Information Security Products and Systems

The Faculty of mathematics and information technologies offers doctoral programs and its graduates have no difficulties with employment:

  • University Teaching
  • Scientific work at Research Institute and Research and Production Center
  • Engineer work
  • Work in banking and business entities

Since 2006we have trained over 1300 professionals (114 classes).

Degree program full-time attendance although Applied Information Science offers crash course with full-time attendance (only contract basis)

Program duration 4, 5and 5.5 academic years.

Along with the state-supported places there are tuition-based places on our faculty.

Entrance exams are held:

First steam from 4to 15July

Second steam from 16to 28July

Please note: Date of exam should be specified each year

Applicants are required to take entrance exams:

  • Mathematics (Unified State Exam)
  • Physics (Unified State Exam)
  • Russian language and literature (Unified State Exam)

Contact information:

Address: 106, the Sviyaga River Embankment, 432017, VFD, Ulyanovsk, building 1, rooms 602, 605, building 3, room 220
Phone: 37-24-59
E-mail: fmit@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: Monday, 14.00 15.00 (Dean); time of issuing certificates: Monday - Friday, 13.00 16.00