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> Department of State and Administrative Law

ivanova.jpgThe department chair – doctor of Jurispridence, professor Ivanova Valentina Nikolaevna.

The department of  State and Administrative Law was founded in April, 1995, and is a graduating department in state and legal specialization disciplines. 

The main disciplines instructed by the department are:

Constitutional law of the Russian Federation, Administrative law, Financial law,

Tax law, Constitutional law of foreign countries,  International law, Municipal law,

Fundamentals of the social state, Information law, European law. Special courses are also offered by the department.

      The staff of the department actively is engaged in research activity, development of scientific and methodical base, improvement of quality of research work with students, the organization of scientific conferences, publications in journals.

    The scientific student circle «Important problems of the Constitutional (state) law of the Russian Federation» conducts seminars. The advisor of the scientific circle is cand. Jur. Sci., associate professor Yeremeyeva Elena Anatolyevna. Students do research, write scientific articles, participate in conferences.

      Since 2006 the graduate program has been functioning  in 12.00.14 administrative law, financial law, information law. Advising is provided by doctor of Jurisprudence, associate professor, department chair Ivanova Valentina Nikolaevna and doctor of Jurisprudence, professor of Voronezh State University Karasyova Marina Valentinovna.


Contact information: 40/9, Goncharov St., room 216,  432970, Ulyanovsk, Russia

phone: (8422) 44-29–50

fax: (8422) 41-06–79

Appointment hours of the department head -Thursday 14.00–16.30