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> Department of Criminal Proceedings and Criminology

krash.jpgThe head of the department — candidate of Jurisprudence, associate professor

Krasheninnikov Alexander Aleksandrovich.

The department  was established in 1992. Major activities of the department: to ensure instruction process for full time  and part time units of the faculty of law in programs offered by the department, to prepare  methodical material on subjects taught, individual work with students, to develop new training courses, to prepare and publish monographs, scientific articles, to sponsor round tables and joint seminars (for students, graduate students and teachers), to participate in preparation of applications for grants of domestic and foreign funds.

According to the state standard of lawyer training the teaching process is provided in the following curriculum:


    Criminal proceedings law


    Law enforcement bodies

    Public prosecutor's supervision

    Legal psychology

    Judicial psychiatry

    Forensic medicine

    Professional ethics of the lawyer


Besides, special courses are given by the department in:

- Criminal trials in foreign countries

- Legal profession

- Proofs and evidence in a criminal trial

- Judicial photo

- Pre-judicial production

- Operational search activity

- Criminal activity of law enforcement agencies

- Features of investigation of separate types of crimes

- Production of judicial examinations

- Non-conventional means and methods in criminology

- Tactics and technique of lawyer protection


The department strengthens student learning opportunities  by means of  the scientific student circle where students study topical problems of criminal trials.

The department also possesses a criminal laboratory. The criminal laboratory is intended for training practical skills of students when studying such subjects as criminalistics,  judicial photo. Students within seminar and laboratory research gain skills to handle technical tools, carry out practical work to search for fingerprints or traces, try themselves as investigators, have practice in producing identikits, etc. Technical equipment of the criminal laboratory comprises sets of criminal kits which are equipped with the special equipment, tools, and also the testing devices.

Also there is a training ground where artificial situations on different types of crimes are created. Here students have an opportunity to use their skills of carrying out investigative actions: inspection of the scene, a search, verification of evidence on site and others.


Appointment hours of the department chair: Monday, 15.00–16.00, room 314 


Contact information: 40/9, Goncharov St., room 314,  432970, Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Phone: (8422) 44-09-71

Fax: (8422) 41-06-79

E-mail: kupk@ulsu.ru