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> Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

buran_7773.jpgThe department chair candidate of Jurisprudence, associate professor Buranov Georgi Konstantinovich

Appointment hours: Monday (II week) 16.3018.00. room 217

Staff members of the department:

candidate of Jurisprudence, associate professor Abdrakhmanova Elena Robertovna

candidate of Jurisprudence, associate professor Gorshenin Alexander Aleksandrovich

candidate of Jurisprudence, associate professor Efremova Marina Aleksandrovna

candidate of Jurisprudence, associate professor Medvedev Evgeny Valentinovich

Part-time workers:

doctor of Jurisprudence, chief of Faculty No. 3of the MIA Academy of Management, the Russian Federation, police colonel Voronin Mikhail Yuryevich

The department was founded in 1992by means of the division of the department of criminal law and practice into the departments of criminal practice and criminology and department of criminal justice and criminology. At present not only teaching activity, but also active cooperation with law enforcement and other agencies of the state and municipal authority is implemented. Circles were set up for work with students in highly specific fields of the disciplines taught at the department.

In accordance with the state standard for training of lawyers (bachelors, specialists), instruction is conducted on the following disciplines:

Criminal Law (General part)

Criminal Law (Special part)

Criminal Justice


The program of study also incorporates the following special courses:

Theoretical bases of crime classification The infliction of punishment Relief from criminal punishment Criminal responsibility of minors Criminal and legal protection of the personality Prevention of crimes against property Crimes in the sphere of economic activity Prevention of transport crimes White collar crimes and others.

Teachers of the department developed author programs and educational and methodical complexes for all instructed disciplines.

From the moment of the department foundation its teacher of long standing, the mentor for young staff members was the Honored teacher of Ulyanovsk State University (2011) Raznik Abram Markovic, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War of 19411945, a veteran of the Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943), chevalier of awards of the Red star, Patriotic war, the medals For Defense of Stalingrad, For the Capture of Konigsberg, etc., the Honourable prosecutor (length of service 39years), is awarded with the medals Veteran of Prosecutor's Office, "Veteran of Investigating authorities.

Under the guidance of teachers of the department professor, doctor of Jurisprudence Voronin M. Yu., associate professor, candidate of Jurisprudence Buranov G. K., associate professor, candidate of Jurisprudence Krasheninnikov A.A. dissertation research projects are pursued.

The following graduates successfully defended their theses in program 12.00.08 Criminal law and criminology; criminal justice Abdulin E.N., Long loafs A.N., G. K., Verevichev M. I. Snow-storms., Vitryanyuk S.V., Gorshenin A.A., Dvoryanskov I.V., Iglin A.V., Kalashnikova A.I., Cornels A.YU., Krasheninnikov A.A., Maximov S.V., Medvedev E.V., Pycheva O. V., Rozhnov A.A., Smyshlyaev V. V., Titov S.N., Toskina G. N., Firsova A. and ohers.

Contact information: 40/9. Gocharov St., room 217, 432700, Ulyanovsk.

phone: (8422) 44-1984;

fax: (8422) 41-0679.

E-mail: kulk@ulsu.ru