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> Department of Civil Law and Civil Practice

morozov.jpgThe department chair doctor of Jurisprudence, professor Morozov Sergey Yuryevich

The department of Civil Law and Civil Practice was established in 1992as a structural division of the Institute of Law and State Service of USU (now Faculty of Law of USU). At that time 6people worked at the department. Now there are more than 10staff members. The first department chair was doctor of Jurisprudence, professor Ryabov A.A. In different times the department was headed by doctor of Jurisprudence, professor Lukyanenko V. E., doctor of Jurisprudence, professor Volozhanin V.P., cand. Jur. Sci., associate professor Timofeev V. V., cand. Jur. Sci., associate professor Serebryakova A.A.

During the period 19931996doctors of science, professors Sukhanov E.A. Shakaryan M. S., Kabalkin A.Yu. worked part-time at the department. Their contribution to the process of the department formation is invaluable, they were scientific advisors for graduate students of the department, rendered assistance in methodology.

A lot of work on training highly qualified specialists was carried out by professor Volozhanin Vitaly Petrovich who is an honorary professor of USU. Under his guidance the following graduate students defended their theses: Myzrov Sergey Nikolaevich, Morozov Sergey Yuryevich, Shabunina Inna Sergeyevna. 11people defended their theses with assistance and guidance of V.P. Volozhanin during his activity at the department. Now the teaching staff amounts to 16people: 12 candidates of science, 2doctors of Jurisprudence, 2senior teachers.

The department provides instruction in such fundamental courses as: Civil law, Law of civil procedure, "Arbitration process", Family law, Roman law, "International private law", Housing law. The following special courses developed and given by the teachers of the department: "Transport law", Lease law, Law of succession, Intellectual property right, Legal regulation of the property relations, Banking law, "Notariate", Insurance law, Contracts in the sphere of energy engineering, Executive law. To support the instruction process with methodical manuals and textbooks the department staff prepared the programs of courses and special courses, methodical instructions for full time and part time students and had them published.

The sufficient attention is focused on methodical work. Classes are given with the use of both classical and active forms of education: imitation of court trials, business games, colloquiums, etc.

Advising at the department is offered for graduate students and competitors in program 12.00.03 Civil law, Entrepreneurial law, Family law, International private law. Under the guidance of doctors of Jurisprudence V.P. Volozhanin, V. E. Lukjyanenko, and also candidates of Jurisprudence, associate professors L.N. Rakitina, N. A. Borovinska, S.Yu. Morozov many theses were defended. The staff of the department is involved in research.

Teachers have published over 300articles and abstracts, 18monographs.

Much attention is paid to scientific work with students. The student scientific circle Unusual Right functions at the department on a regular basis.

Teachers maintain close business, creative ties with public authorities and local government, participate in work of the Association of Russian Lawyers. The department actively cooperates with the leading higher education institutions of Russia: Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M.V., Kazan (Volga) Federal University, the Ural State Academy of Law, the Saratov State Academy of Law, Samara State University named after I.N. Ulyanov, Bashkirsky State University, Mordovian State University named after N. P. Ogarev; Perm State University, the Academy of Justice of the Russian Federation, the Moscow academy of Economics and Law and others.

Address: 40/9, Goncharov St., room 307, Ulyanovsk, 432970, Russia.

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