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> Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Politology

thumb_bazhanov_photo10.jpgThe chair of the department of Philosophy, Sociology and Politology -  Bazhanov Valentin Aleksandrovich
Honored worker of Science of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Philosophy, professor
E-mail: vbazhanov@yandex.ru & v_bazhan@rambler.ru
Web site: http://staff.ulsu.ru/bazhanov/
The main interests lie in the field of history and philosophy of science, history of logic, history of the Russian philosophy, ethnopolitical science.
Reception hours: Thursday from 13.00 till 16.00 o'clock.

The Department of Philosophy at Ulyanovsk State University (branch of Moscow State University until 1997) was founded in 1991. The department combines studies in philosophical disciplines, enabling students to pursue both master's and doctoral training in epistemology, history and philosophy of science, and social philosophy.

We encourage students to take advantage of exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary work on the UlSU campus and Mid Volga area. In addition to the strengths of the department, Ulyanovsk State University boasts strong research resources, such as the Academic Library, as well as many active scholars in such areas as the history, logic, cognitive sciences, sociology, mathematics, and physics.

Philosophy at Ulyanovsk State University has never been dull for either students or faculty. Being at once high powered and extraordinarily diverse, the members of the Department share in their commitment to the highest standards of intellectual integrity.

Address: PO Box 1602
City: Ulyanovsk
Postal code: 432063 Country: Russia
Phone: +7 8422 274272, ext. 3 Fax: +7 8422 41-23-40
E-mail: philosophy@ulsu.ru
Web site: http://en.philosophy.ulsu.ru/

Affiliation State

Total college or university enrollment: 15 500

Highest degree offered in philosophy: PhD

Comment: Additional tel +7 8422 32-07-80