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> Department of Pedagogics of Professional Education and Social Activity

The department of Pedagogics of Higher Education School and Social Work was founded in accordance with the decision of the Academic council of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov of 21.12.1993. The department was established by the order of the Rector of 10.06.1994 in view of the previous decision.

img_5872.jpgThe department chair, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Shmelyova Natalya Borisovna. She is one of the founders of training of social work specialists not only in the Ulyanovsk region, but also in Russia. As a member of the advisory council on state standards of social education professor Shmelyova participated in the development of the Profession and Ethics draft code for social service specialists and social workers of Russia. She is one of the coauthors of the book «The Russian encyclopedia of social work» in two volumes. Natalya Borisovna is a member of the presidium of the Council of educational and methodical association of higher education institutions of Russia on social work. Since 2001 she has been the chairman of the dissertation council on Pedagogics D 212.278.04 (13.00.08.— theory and  technique of professional education and 13.00.01 — General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education) at USU. The research problems which have been considered by Natalya Borisovna for 17 years, are devoted to the social worker identity, his formation and development as a professional; to development and testing of pedagogical technologies of professional education and morale building activity; to the study of identity of a university teacher, his professionalism, and also studying the problems of a family, elderly people, educational process in higher education institution, etc.


Main stages of the department activity:

1994. According to the decision and the order of the Rector of 10.06.1994  the department of  «Pedagogics of  Higher Education School and Social Work» was founded.

2001.  The postgraduate school was opened and dissertation council was instituted in Pedagogics.

The same year the department earned a grant of the Ministry of Education and Science to investigate the issue «The mechanism of implementing a model of continuous vocational training and retraining of specialists in the field of education, social services, medical, legal institutions in the field of social protection of senior generation citizens».

In October, 2005 the department was renamed.

2006. Program 100103 «Welfare service and Tourism» was established.

2007. Preparation of specialists in Welfare service and Tourism together with the faculty of transfer specialties was initiated. Practical training of students was conducted in travel companies of Ulyanovsk. Now more than 100 students are enrolled in this program.

The same year the teaching staff of the department won a grant of the government of the Ulyanovsk region in the nomination «Guide training for domestic itineraries».

2008. Master degree program was established in Social Work.

2010. The first graduation in the master degree program “Social Work” took place.


Now the department of Pedagogics of Professional Education and Social Activity provides training in the following programs:

- social work;

- tourism.

Contact information:

Sviyaga River Emb., building 2, room 33 

phone: 37-24-72 

e-mail: ped@sv.uven.ru