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> Department of Pedagogics and Psychology

132.jpgThe chair of the department — doctor of Pedagogical sciences, professor, a corresponding member of the International academy of Sciences of Pedagogical Education Mitin Sergey Nikolaevich. The department of Pedagogics and Psychology was established in 2014.


Major areas of work of the department at classical university are:

 ensuring general science-based training of USU students  concerning general pedagogics and bases of pedagogical skills

 implementation of the additional professional educational program «Teacher»

 implementation of the additional educational program of professional retraining «Teacher» 

Additional professional qualification "Teacher" 

According to the Federal law of the Russian Federation «About higher and postgraduate education», the order of the Ministry of Education No. 2400 of 03.08.2000. «About the conferral  of additional qualifications of a pedagogical profile to university graduates on programs of higher education» and the instruction letter No. 14-55–341 in/15 of 15.05.2000. «About the order of the conferral of additional qualifications to students of higher education institutions», for the purpose of:

 improving the training of specialists

 full meeting the needs of a personality for obtaining an academic degree 

The university has been providing the graduate additional qualification. "Teacher" for more than 10 years.

In addition to 24 programs in which training is conducted at USU, students have the right to work towards an additional qualification "Teacher".


Full-time form of education

 The term of training is 2 years 

Training of students for additional professional qualification "Teacher" is conducted according to state standards of additional qualification «Teacher» by  scientists and practitioners of  the department of pedagogics, providing theoretical and practical training of students on disciplines of the psychology and pedagogical cycle.


Contact information:


The Sviyaga River Emb., building 2, room 32 b

phone: 37-24–72 

 e-mail: kaf_ped@ulsu.ru