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> Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies

Mitin Sergey Nikolaevich

thumb_p1220072.jpgDean of the Faculty — Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, a corresponding member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, head of the department of Pedagogics, USU.





Kalinina Natalia Valentinovna

Vice-Dean for Extra-budgetary Affairs (questions, work) — Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), professor,  head of the department of Psychology of USU.

Enyashina Natalia Gennadievna

Vice -Dean for Academic Affairs, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,  senior lecturer of the department of Pedagogics of USU.

Solodovnikova Irina Aleksandrovna

Vice-Dean for Educational work (for Curriculum and Instruction),  candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor of the department of Higher Professional Education, (pedagogics of professional education) and Social activities (Liberal Arts).

Salakhova Valentina Borisovna

Vice-Dean for Research —  candidate of Psychology, senior lecturer of the Department of Pedagogics.

The faculty was founded in September, 1993.   Now the structure of the faculty includes seven departments:

  • philosophy
  • sociology and political science
  • psychology
  • pedagogics
  •   history of the country
  • regional studies and international relations
  • Higher (Professional) Education Sciences (pedagogics of professional education) and Social activities (Liberal Arts)

Research centers:

  • educational and research laboratoryPsikholog"(educational-research laboratory of «Psychologist»)
  • educational laboratorySotsiolog" (training laboratory «Sociologist»)
  • educational and research archaeological laboratory (educational-research archeological laboratory)
  • office of social innovations

The faculty carries out training of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of Liberal Arts:

  • sociologists
  • political scientists
  • psychologists
  • social workers
  • area studies specialists
  • historians
  • philosophers
  • specialists in socio-cultural service and tourism
  • organization of work with youth

Multidimensional humanitarian preparation, profound special professional knowledge, skills of research and applied activities present to graduates great opportunities for employment. They work in the research centers, like teachers of higher education institutions and colleges, at schools, in different regional and municipal administrative structures, at the enterprises and in establishments, in mass media, firms and various funds, etc.

78 teachers, including 1 academicians of International Academy of Sciences of pedagogical education, 3 academicians of Russian Assosiacion of PR, 10 doctors (Higher or similar to PH.D) and 40 candidates of science (lower than PH.D) work at faculty.

At faculty (department, School) is working the postgraduate study (graduate center) on following specialties:

  •   history (history of the country)
  • philosophy
  • sociology
  • political sciences
  • pedagogics
  • psychology

Main directions of scientific research of the faculty:

  • history and science methodology in Russia
  • methodology and methods of studying of social systems
  • monitoring of public opinion during carrying out election campaigns
  • social and economic history of the Volga region
  • model of the Russian expert of social work
  • teacher of the higher school, tendency and condition of its effective activity
  • social psychology
  • psychological and social and pedagogical problems of professional and personal growth of the expert
  • psychology of the personality
  • political and regional problems
  • political and social processes of the Ulyanovsk region
  • regional and ethnic features (stories, politicians, cultures) of the Volga region
  • management of educational systems
  • psychological aspects of socialization of the personality

The safe future of Russia depends on positive processes of social modernization. Therefore our society objectively needs the trained and qualified experts who should be envolved in studying, design and regulation of social, psychological and public and cultural processes in Russia.

Contact information:

Dean's office, Naberezhnaya of the Sviyaga river 2nd building, room 39 A and 39 B,

Tel.: 27-24-71

Reception hours:

Monday 12.00 — 17.00 (12 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Tuesday 12.00 — 17.00

Thursday 12.00 — 17.00

Or Mon., Tue., Thur. from 12 to 17

The Dean's working hours:

Monday - Friday from 8.00 to 17.00 (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Time of certificates' issue:

Mon., Wed., Fri. from 9.00 to 11.00

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