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> Department of Theoretical Physics

uchaikin.jpgThe department of Theoretical Physics was opened in 1991 (till 2006 it was the department of theoretical and mathematical physics).

The teaching staff of the department – four doctors and three candidates of physical and mathematical sciences  comprise  professional theorists possessing pedagogical skills and who are actively engaged in research. Scientific interests of the department staff cover cosmology, astrophysics, quantum physics, statistical physics, physics of elementary particles, physics of a solid body. The international recognition was gained by the research results of  the department chair, professor V. V. Uchaykin and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences R.T.Sibatov for the stochastic theory and abnormal diffusion, by professor V. M. Zhuravlev for the theory of gravitation, cosmology and nonlinear waves in active media. Works of associate professors V. K. Shchigolev, S. L. Velmisova are regularly published in major Russian and foreign scientific journals.

The department-based laboratory of space research was established in 2007 (the head -Zhuravlev V. M.).

 The department completely provides instruction of disciplines in theoretical and mathematical physics for a bachelor degree and in specialist programs at the engineering and physics faculty of high tech solutions. In addition, the department provides training of undergraduates in the program «astrophysics». Within the master program "Astrophysics and Physics of Space Radiation" the general fundamental courses are given according to the general theory of relativity, relativistic cosmology, physics of space plasma, the theory of evolution of stars, physics of space beams, etc.. Moreover, the department is responsible for  all master programs at the faculty.

Graduates of the department have the opportunity to continue further education in the graduate school on programs and courses: theoretical physics, mathematical modeling, physics of semiconductors, nuclear physics.

The international cooperation – the department staff members pursue joint research projects  international research centers and universities. They frequently go abroad to Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, the USA, Israel, Guyana for research advising and teaching activity.


Contact information:

Address: 1, Sviyaga River Embankment St., room 426, 239, 432000, Ulyanovsk

 phone: 37-24–62 (ext. 1), internal 576

Appointment hours of the department chair:

Monday: 15.00–17.00