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> Department of Technosphere Safety

varnakov.jpgThe department of health protection and safety was founded in 2004.

In 2013the department of health protection and safety was renamed into technosphere safety.

Now the chairperson of the department is professor, doctor of Engineering, Honorary worker of higher education V. V. Varnakov.

The main research work of the department is concerned with studies of technical systems reliability, the organization of technical service, health and safety:

Reliability of technical systems and technological hazards

Health and safety, fire protection

Instruction is provided on the programs:

1. 280103Protection in emergency situations (specialization Measures in case of emergency and rescue activity)

2. 280104Fire safety

Since September 1, 2011instruction has been provided on bachelor degree programs:

1. 280700Technosphere safety

Major: Protection in emergency situations

Major: Fire safety

The staff of the department achieved outstanding results in research activity and obtained grants. Techniques of calculating reliability of technical systems and cars have been developed, and also the recommendations how to organize technical service of cars have been offered.

Material resources

The material resources of the department comprise the following available and newly established laboratories:

1. Health and safety

2. Reliability of technical systems

3. Fire safety of electric units

4. Radiation and chemical protection

5. Buildings, structures and their stability in case of the fire

6. Fire safety of technological processes

7. Emergency medicine

8. Burning and explosions, operational materials

9. Fire safety of technological processes

Laboratories of the department are equipped with modern training equipment.

Besides material resources of the regional rescue and fire fighting center “Service of Civil Protection and Fire Safety of the Ulyanovsk Region”, the Federal Fire Protection training center over the Ulyanovsk region, and also laboratories of plants and enterprises in conformity with the signed contracts are used in educational process.

The educational center of labor safety was established at the department.

Students do practical training at institutions and facilities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia of the Ulyanovsk region, and also carry out watch duties on Ulyanovsk beaches.

Students were awarded for courage and high professionalism in rescuing people on water.

The group of authors of the department was awarded by the diploma for elaboration of the voluntary fire team service by Governor of the Ulyanovsk region S. I. Morozov.

Teachers (regular):

1. Varnakov Valery Valentinovich head of the department, professor, Dr.Sci.Tech.

2. Varnakov Dmitry Valeryevich professor, Dr.Sci.Tech.

3. Matveev Yury Alekseevich associate professor, candidate of military science

4. Yamborko Pyotr Vasilyevich associate professor, candidate of Biology

5. Shvytkin Svyatoslav Alekseevich senior teacher.

Teaching is conducted also by specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Ulyanovsk region

Appointment hours:

Monday from 15to 16.30

Contact information:

Address: Sviyaga River Embankment St., building 4, room 205

phone: 8(8422)-37-2462 (ext. 6)

E-mail: kafbzd@ulsu.ru