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> Department of Radiophysics and Electronics

  gurin.jpgThe department of Radiophysics and Electronics of  Ulyanovsk State University was founded in 2006 by incorporating two departments – the department of microelectronics and department of quantum electronics and optics. Now the department is headed by Honored worker of  higher school of the Russian Federation, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Gurin Nektary Timofeyevich. The department is one of the biggest at university and the teaching staff amounts to 20 people, who are highly qualified staff members – doctors and candidates of science, support personnel – managers of laboratories, engineers and programmers, and also  graduate students and doctoral students doing research projects in major research areas of the department.

Main objective of the department is to train competent specialists — physicists in the Radiophysics and Electronics discipline, who are capable of conducting theoretical and pilot research of various properties of substances and physical phenomena existing in devices,  systems of radiation formation, reception and transformation of radio — and optical range signals, and also the phenomena of oscillations and waves arising at interacting with  the environment.

The solution of the main objectives of the department in view of training  students and graduate students is implemented in the following guidelines:


• Support and fulfillment of educational process on the disciplines instructed by the department.

• Development and creation of educational, educational and methodical and laboratory base.

• Conducting research projects in the key research areas of the department with participation of students and graduate students.


The teaching staff of the department is engaged in training the students, giving classes and lectures from the first year of study in the following subjects: general physics, electrical equipment, electronics, radio electronics, microprocessor systems, microelectronics, quantum electronics, integrated and fiber optics. Lecture courses are complemented with laboratory practical classes. Having gained the initial level of knowledge in their specialty, senior students start doing research at the department which is organized within three schools of thought headed by  doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Gurin N. T., doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Sementsov D. I. and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Gadomsky O. N. The publication of articles in the key scientific journals, making reports at the international and All-Russian scientific conferences, performing work on grants of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation is an integral part of training students at the department of Radiophysics and Electronics.

The outcome of successful study and scientific work, in most cases, leads to continuation of training in graduate programs of «Optics» or "Physics of semiconductors" and an opportunity to be involved in research activity.

Graduates of specialty «Radiophysics and Electronics» according to fundamental and special preparation possess sufficient qualification and can successfully be engaged in pedagogical, design and organizational and administrative activity.


Appointment hours:

1week -Thursday 11.20–12.50

2 week — Thursday 13.10–14.40


Contact information:

Address: 1, Sviyaga River Embankment St., 432000, room 339, room 241,  Ulyanovsk

phone: (8422) 37-24–62