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> Department of Material Physics

golovanov.jpgThe department of Experimental Physics (the initial name) was established in 1990. One of the founders of the faculty Eduard Trifonovich Shipatov was appointed its chair. The department-based research work was conducted in nuclear physics: interaction of radiation with substance, ionic implantation, influence of ionizing radiation on physical properties of structures: metal-dielectric-semiconductor. A large number of publications on this topic was prepared, a lot of monographs were written, 2 dissertations were defended.

In 2004the department changed its specialization and its name. A.A. Skvortsov who was also dean of the faculty became the department chairperson. The department of Material Physics became the graduating department in the corresponding program of study, and subsequently in the program Materials Science and Technologies of Materials.

Now professor Golovanov Victor Nikolaevich is the department chair.

Research work of the department is arranged within several areas:

Obtaining submicro and nano-particles, the study of their physical properties;

Study of spark category processes over the fluid surface of electrolytes;

Thermodynamics of phase transformations in alloys;

Study of mechanical properties of the non-ferrous metals subjected to heat treatment and also after coating with thin films;

Study of dislocation structure of metals and semiconductors in the conditions of influence electric and magnetic fields;

Study of the degradation phenomena in systems of silicon substrate metal plating by means of pulse current impacts.

More than 50works were published following the results of research.

The department provides instruction on the following disciplines:

Interaction of radiations with substance

Material Physics

Phase balance and Structurization

Materials science and technologies of constructional materials

Physical properties of solid bodies

Crystallography and X-ray analysis

Physics of durability of alloys and composites

Physics of nucleus and elementary particles

Physics of atom

Obtaining and processing of metals and compounds

Physical electronics

Physical bases of technology

Physics of the condensed environments

History and methodology of physics


Descriptive geometry

Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics

Descriptive geometry

Descriptive geometry and engineering computer graphics

Program statistical complexes


Educational laboratories:

nuclear and nuclear physics

radiation physics of solid body

electronic microscopy

x-ray analysis

material physics

Contact information:

Address: Sviyaga River Embankment St., building 1, room 119

phone: 8(8422)-37-2462

Appointment hours: Wednesday, 10.00 11.00