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> Department of Oil and Gas Engineering

kuznetcov.jpgThe department of oil and gas engineering was established in 2013.

Now the department is headed by candidate of Technical Sciences, professor A. I. Kuznetsov

Research work of the department is connected with the study of technological processes and services of the petroleum and gas industry:

Servicing in the oil and gas complex;

Operation and servicing of enterprises in the oil and gas complex.

Instruction is provided on the programs:

1. Service-239700. Specialization Service at the enterprises of oil and gas complex

2. Service-100100. Bachelor program. Major Service in petroleum and gas complex.

3. Oil and gas engineering 131000. Major Operation and service of oil production enterprises.

Material resources:

The material resources of the department include the following classrooms and laboratories:

Laboratory of oil, drilling and grouting liquids, operational materials. Now the reconstruction is under way, the equipment for doing research and laboratory practical classes is being installed.

Laboratory of geology and petrophysics.

Laboratory of the equipment for development of oil wells.

Laboratories are equipped with the modern devices, operating models, oil and gas equipment.

In 2013the construction and tooling of the training oil and gas test ground started where the capital equipment of the oil and gas complex enterprises (drilling enterprises, main pipelines, oil depots and gas station), the operating models and simulators for separate technological processes will be presented. Moreover, a special classroom is going to be equipped with modern multimedia equipment that will enable to conduct various classes.

Except the oil and gas engineering test ground the following facilities of gas and petroleum enterprises of Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region are used in educational process, namely: oil depot and JSC Ulyanovsk Branch Tatneft of Gas Station-center gas Station, JSC Optan gas Station, drilling rigs and equipment of the oil companies of JSC Ulyanovskneftegaz, JSC Ulyanovskneft and others.

Teachers (regular):

1.professor, cand.Tech.Sci. Kuznetsov Alexander Ivanovich department chair;

2.professor, cand.Tech.Sci. Germanovich Pavel Kuzmich;

3.associate professor, candidate of military sciences Pylin Alexander Grigoryevich;

4.associate professor, candidate of military sciences Yershov Valery Viktorovich;

5.associate professor, candidate of technical sciences Kuzmin Valery Gennadevich.

6. senior lecturer Zinovyeva Lilia Ivanovna

7. associate professor, cand.Tech.Sci. Kuznetsov Vladimir Alekseevich

8. senior lecturer Novikova Vera Sergeyevna

Moreover, representatives of the oil companies of Ulyanovsk and Ulyanovsk region are involved in educational process.

Appointment hours: Tuesday from 15.00 to 16.30

Contact information:

Address: Sviyaga River Embankment St., building 4, room 203

phone: 8(8422) 37 63 24

E-mail: nefgas @ ulsu.ru

A video about the department