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> Department of Engineering Physics

In 1990the department of optics and spectroscopy of a solid body was established

Kozulin A.T.
Bulyarsky S.V.
Baklanov S.B.

according to Order No. 100of 10.07.1990 "About the subsidiary structure change ". According to this order the foundation date of the department is 20.07.1990. Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor A.T. Kozulin was appointed head of the department. Associate professors Pugachev Yu.F.., Mikov S.N. (since 2003 doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor) were the first teachers of the department.

In 1992Bulyarsky Sergey Viktorovich was appointed head of the department, at that time Vice Rector for Research, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor. S. V. Bulyarsky was the chair till 2014. The first dissertation council was opened under his guidance. The same council became the first for doctoral dissertations defense. The council was created by A.T. Kozulin, then the council was headed by S. V. Bulyarsky. The physics and technology faculty was transferred the first in MSU branch to the new building on Sviyaga River Embankment.

Bulyarsky Sergey Viktorovich

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, honored worker of sciences of the Russian Federation.

Excellent worker of National Education of the Moldavian SR.

Chairman of the first dissertation council, Vice Rector for Research, head of the department.

The school of professor S. V. Bulyarsky is one of the leading in Russia. In the staff structure of the school there are 7doctors and more than 40candidates of science were fostered. Many of them are heads of independent areas of research at USU. In 2007the department of optics and spectroscopy of a solid body was transformed into the department of Engineering Physics.

In 2014Vice Rector for quality and new technologies of education S. B. Baklanov was appointed chair of the department of Engineering Physics.

Baklanov Sergey Borisovich

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, director of the Institute of open education, head of the department of engineering physics, candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor, Honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation, expert-auditor of quality systems of educational institutions, Federal expert of quality of professional education

Appointment hours of the head of the department: every Friday from 16.00 to 18.00.

phone: (8422) 37-24-62