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> Faculty of High Technology Physics and Engineering

Dean Assistant Professor, Alexander Alexandrovich Solovyov

soloviev_foto.jpgAlexander Alexandrovich Solovyov physicist, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor of the material physics department, the dean of the Physics and Engineering Faculty of high tech solutions at Ulyanovsk State University (2010). His research interests: the analysis of the semiconductor materials dislocation pattern evolution in disturbance field of different nature. In Ulyanovsk State University (ULSU) he holds the following courses: ‘Physics of Semiconductor Materials'; ‘Material Physics'; ‘Material Sciences and Construction Materials Engineering'. He published more than 35 scientific and academic works.

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Physics and Technology bears resemblance with the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University, welcomed its first students in 1989, a year later the opening of a Moscow State University branch in Ulyanovsk. They were 89young people who wished to obtain a fundamental physical education. Not only freshmen began to study here, but also 9 third-year students who transferred from various universities of Perm, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Ulyanovsk.

Active development of high-tech industries in the region required an influx of highly qualified specialists whose training was the task of the faculty. Its graduates successfully applied their knowledge and skills in enterprises of semiconductor power and microelectronics, companies developing and producing measuring and radio equipment, Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, in the automotive and aircraft factories.

A preparatory work for the Faculty establishment was carried out by the branch's Vice-President N.T.Gurin and by the first dean A.T.Kozulin. The formation of teaching staff and material and technical basis was made by heads of first chairs professors E.T. Shipatov (who became later the second dean of the Faculty), A.T. Kozulin, A.M. Orlov, D.I. Sementsov, N.T.Gurin. A significant contribution to the organization of the educational process at the Faculty was made by professors V.V.Uchaykin, S.V.Chervon, V.M. Zhuravlev, who later also become deans. The leading role in the Faculty research direction formation was played by Professor S.V.Bulyarsky.

Due to the market's demand in the engineering specialists in 2006the Faculty of Physics and Technology began training in Engineering. The Faculty was renamed the Physics and Engineering Faculty of High Technologies to show the specifics of training. The seven Chairs of the Faculty provide a fundamental education. The research in modern fields of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Solid-State and Nanosystem Physics, Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics, Nonlinear Optics and Laser Physics, Mathematical Physics, Cosmology and Astrophysics, in classical and quantum field theory. The following application engineering areas are represented as well: the basics of certification systems development and quality management, designing and maintenance of an effective functioning of control systems, research the reliability of technical systems and technology-related risks, modeling of the stress-strain state of parts and structural components of engineering, technical documentation development for objects of gas and oil producing industries.

Throughout its existence the Physics and Engineering Faculty of ULSU trained more than 3thousand of specialists in engineering and physics. More than 20Doctors and about 120Candidate of Sciencesdefended their dissertations at this Faculty.

The Faculty Structure

At the moment, the Faculty includes the following departments:

  • Physical methods in applied researches
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Radio Physics and Electronics
  • Material Physics
  • Technosphere Safety
  • Automobile Design and Service
  • Engineering in Oil and Gas Industries

Currently, there are more than 1,100 students at the Faculty of High Technology Physics and Engineering. Highly qualified specialists conduct the training at the Faculty. There are 20professors, doctors (including 7full members of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences), 60associate professors, candidates of sciences.


The Faculty trains students in the following professional higher education programmes:

  • PHYSICS (bachelor degree course (4 years) and Master degree course (2 years) in the master's programme:Semiconductors Physics",Condensed Matter Physics",Astrophysics and Physics of Cosmic Rays")
  • RADIOPHYSICS with Radiophysics bachelor degree (on profiles: "Quantum Radiophysics",Physics and Technology of radio-electronic devices and appliances")
  • MATERIAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF MATERIALS in programsMetallurgy",Physical Material Science" (bachelor and master degree)
  • TECHNICAL SECURITY (profilesEmergency Security" andFire Security") with the qualification of bachelor (bachelor degree course)
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT with bachelor degree in profile "Management based on quality" (bachelor degree course)
  • STANDARTIZATION AND METROLOGY with the qualification of bachelor (bachelor degree course)
  • SERVICE (profileService in oil and gas companies") with the qualification of bachelor of service
  • OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING with the qualification of bachelor (bachelor degree course)
  • GROUND TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGICAL COMPLEXES with the specialization ofCorporate car service" (specialty, 5years).

The educational process in all directions of the Faculty involves not only deep study of theoretical material, but also training of practical skills needed for the graduates' further work.

In courses of "Physics",Material Science and Technology of Materials", "Radiophysics" there is a large number of students performing a practical work on studying General Physics, physical properties of dielectrics, conductors and semiconductors, learning the influence of ionizing radiation on them, get acquainted with the circuits theory and the basics of their functioning. The course ofRadiophysics" also involves learning the modeling and designing principles of radioelectronic devices and integrated microchips.

The courses of "Quality Management",Standardization and Metrology" are also very prospective. Every modern innovative production, whether it is food industry enterprise or large automobile factory, is carefully certified by the world systems ISO. The work of every serious organization is inconceivable without the equipment usage and elaboration of metrology provision. Students here already shared international experience through studying and analyzing existing standards since the first year of their education. A quality management system certified according to ISO 9001was implemented at the University, so senior students can directly participate in the creating of the necessary documentation and gain experience for the independent work in future.

The course of "Technical Security" is open to cover EMERCOM (Emergency Control Ministry of Russia) regional structures recruitment needs. Staff members of the Ministry work with students, part of the studies takes place in the training centers of the Ministry. Students receive the necessary training working in laboratories:Life Safety",Reliability of technical systems",Fire safety of electrical installations",Protection from Radiation and Chemicals",Buildings, constructions and their stability in a fire",Fire safety of technological processes",Emergency Medicine",Combustion and explosions, operating supplies", "Fire safety of processes".

The courses of "Service" andOil and Gas Business" provide graduates an opportunity subsequently link their career with the oil and gas sector. These couses are very popular among applicants, some of whom are already working in the oil and gas complexes and are willing to get higher education to raise their status and get a career growth.

TheGround Transportation Technological Complexes" speciality is also up-to-date owing to the automobile factories construction by world car market leaders in our country. During their studiesstudents in get acquainted in detail with the mechanism of a vehicle, the principles of its systems functioning, its construction principles.Training is carried out with the usage of special stands and full-sized training models of certain parts of a car.University complex also includes training and diagnostic center for repair and maintenance of vehicles.

The Faculty has the necessary classroom foundation for academic studies, including laboratories equipped with modern research and teaching equipment.

Students of the Faculty perform laboratory works on mathematical modeling and programming in the computer labs of the University, as well as using computers of the Chair. All computers are connected to the local network and have access to the Internet, the licensed software is installed on them, including operating systems, office software suite, a variety of specialized software. The discussion of the scientific work results takes place in classrooms equipped with presentation equipment. Students are actively involved in scientific work, participate in conferences and competitions at various levels, win prizes. Only in the last 3years more than 100publications were created by students, 15of them were published in journals included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

The Faculty pays constant attention in their work to improve relationships with employer of young professionals and consumers.

During the academic year the Faculty organizes meetings with employers, where the issues of young specialists externship and employment are discussed. Regular meetings with the personnel departments' representatives of the city and region enterprises and organizations are held. As a result, more than 90percent of the graduates are successfully employed.

Graduates having an adequate training, and wishing to make a career in science, have the opportunity to continue their education in post-graduate, and in consequence - in doctoral candidacy of ULSU. The Dissertation Council for getting Candidate's degree (Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Semiconductor Physics) and Doctoral degree (Condensed Matter Physics) functions at the Faculty.


Dean: Alexander Alexandrovich Solovyov

Senior Inspector of the Dean's office: Natalia Vladimirovna Loginova

Senior Inspector of the Dean's office: Elena Anatolyevna Ershova

Senior Inspector of the Dean's office: Elena Yuryevna Hapkova

Office hours of the Dean: Tuesday, Wednesday from 9.00 to 11.00.

Receiving of Appointments: daily from 10.00 to 12.00.

Address: Postal index 432000, Ulyanovsk, Naberezhnaya Sviyagi, Building 1, Room 207

Telephone: (8422) 37-24-74