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> Department of Dramatics


The chairperson of the department is Sheynin Alexey Igorevich, professor, the People's artist of the Russian Federation

Main activities of the department is to provide instruction in  “Dramatics”

 According to a profile of training of specialists in «Dramatics» the main scientific areas are:

• Theatrical pedagogics

• Psychology of art creativity

• History of the Russian and foreign theater

Considering the specificity of training actors, a component of the main scientific areas is implementation of theatrical and cultural and educational activity, and also creative activity of teachers of the department, many of them being top actors and directors of the Ulyanovsk regional drama theater named after I. A. Goncharov.


In the program "National Art Culture", specialization in «Management of A Choreographic Amateur Group»  

According to specialization of bachelor training in the program “National Art Culture”  the main scientific areas are:

• Choreographic pedagogics

• Creativity psychology

• History of choreographic art

• Technique of work with choreographic group

Students of the program “National Art Culture” actively participate in concerts, festive activities which are arranged in Ulyanovsk and region. Annually, since 2002, reporting concerts have been organized that has already became a prominent event in cultural life of the city.


 Address of the Department of Dramatics:

 38, L. Tolstoy St., (building of GPI-10), room 523


Schedule of teachers’ consultations:

Associate professor Yanvareva M. V. – Monday 11.00.-12.00.

Associate professor Tutova E.N. – Tuesday 11.00.-12.00.

Senior lecturer Hrabskov A.V. – Thursday 15.00.-16.00.

Senior lecturer Osina of V.N. – Wednesday 14.00.-15.00.

Senior lecturer Ionova N. Yu. — Thursday 10.00.-11.00. 


Appointment hours of the head of the department: 


15.00 — 18.00


15.00 — 18.00 


E-mail: naduwka-28@mail.ru, hrabsckov@yandex.ru