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> Faculty of Culture and Art

Dean, Head of the Department - Magomedov Arbakhan Kurbanovich

The Faculty was established in 1996. It is an only faculty in the Ulyanovsk region, which gives not only a classical university education but also higher vocational education. The Faculty opens up ample opportunities for getting basic and specialized education in different programs.

At present there are 6departments at the faculty with 9Doctors of Science (highest academic degree in Russia), 55Candidates of Science (equivalent of PhD) working there. The teachers hold honorary degrees: People's Artiste of Russia 3, People's Artist of Russia 1, Honored Artiste of Russia 5, Honored Artist of Russia 2, Honored Art Worker of Russia 3, Honored Worker of Bashkortostan 1, Honored Art Worker of Kalmykia 1, Honored Cultural Worker of Russia 9, winner of all-Russian and international contests 11.

Departments which provide training for bachelors and specialists in the sphere of culture and art are:

  • Department of Journalism, Philology, Document Science and Library Science
  • Department of Dramatics
  • Department of Public Relations and Advertising
  • Department of Russian language and its Teaching Methodology
  • Department of Instrumental Performance, Choral Conducting and Musicology
  • Department of Design and Interior Art

The programs offered by The Faculty of Culture and Arts are:

  • Acting
  • Journalism
  • Philology
  • Cultural Studies
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Records Management and archival Science
  • Design
  • Choreography
  • Musicology
  • Musical Instrument Art (piano, organ, orchestra stringed instruments, orchestra wind and percussion instruments, orchestra folk instruments)
  • Conducting

Nowadays about 900students study at the faculty. Apart from general subjects, all the students study philosophy, history, political science, pedagogics, foreign languages. Students have a possibility to undertake a one-year internship in leading Russian universities and in the educational institutions in the USA, the UK and Germany.

Fundamental education makes it possible for the students to work in practically all branches of knowledge: art criticism, religion studies, philosophy, aesthetics, literary criticism, ancient and modern languages, local core, psychology, sociology, etc.

Those who did the Philology program may pursue their education in master programs in Philology.

Furthermore, the Faculty gives a possibility to get a vocational secondary education in a Design program.

Over the years of its existence the Faculty a large amount of work has been performed, including solving the problems of training a skilled workforce for cultural, art and mass media institutions in the Ulyanovsk region. The graduates have ample employment opportunities:

  • advertising
  • organizational and guiding work at cultural and art institutions
  • management and marketing in culture
  • social, economic, , , information, documentation and referential work in managerial human resources in culture and art
  • journalism and editing and publishing work

The graduates may work in:

  • travel and advertising agencies
  • mass media
  • philharmonics and theatres
  • libraries
  • art schools
  • schools, gymnasiums, lyceums
  • specialized secondary schools

Being a part of a classical university the Faculty of Culture and Arts is really unique. The students get both classical and creative education. Thus, theoretical and methodological problems of cultural studies, history of culture, cultural management, culture of a modern provincial town are studied at the Faculty of Cultural Studies. The problems of gender in culture, modern youth subcultures, cross-cultural communications are studied at the Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising. Traditional and modern culture, information culture, culture of mass communications, literary history, philological text analysis, intertextual problems are studied at the Faculty of Journalism and Philology. The Department of Russian language and its Teaching Methodology deals with theories and principles of language teaching, history of Russian literary language, linguistic text analysis, speech culture. History and theoretical problems of national policy and sociocultural issues of library services and book industry, records and museology are studied at the Department of Records Management and Library Science. The Department of Art Criticism deals with methodology, psychology and pedagogics of creative specialties, region's musical culture, theory and history of music. Didactic conditions of artwork and creativity development, design as a resource of a sociocultural environment development are studied at the Department of Art Design and at the Department of Pictorial Art and Sculpture Studies. History, theoretical and practical aspects of musical performance are studied at the Faculty of Instrumental Performance and at the Piano Faculty. History of singing, problems of choral performance are studied at the Faculty of Choral Conducting and Vocal.

Annually graduates of the Faculty of Culture and Arts participate in the regional theatre companies. Graduate musicians work in on-stage performance groups in the Ulyanovsk regional philharmonic: in Ulyanovsk state academic philharmonic orchestra, in Ulyanovsk state Russian folk orchestra, inAcademic-band", in State wind bandDerzhava". Graduates and students of the creative specialities work practically in all main spheres of art work: they create and form architectural and art environment, interior of residence and public buildings, participate in decorating the streets, squares, parks, work in advertising and project organizations.

The Faculty of Culture and Arts made an important contribution into international cooperation development and strengthening the international bonds within the creative specialties. Annually concerts of folk instrumente groupRusskaya dusha" very successfully perform in different European countries. Teachers and students of the Department of Dramatic Arts gave master classes in Germany. Students-choreographers gave performances on tours in Spain, Germany, South Korea, Latvia.

Therefore, the Faculty of Culture and Arts of Ulyanovsk State University takes a rightful place among research guidance and educational regional centres on a wide range of theoretical, historical and practical problems of the region's culture and art.

The work of the Faculty corresponds to the increased cultural and intelligence level of our town, it influences the improvement of a sociocultural situation in the region, guides cultural building projects, projects of maintenance and development of the creative potential, revives rich traditions of musical and artistic life of the town, helps to strengthen the authority of Ulyanovsk as one of the cultural centres of Volga region.

Contact information:

Address: 5a, 12th of September St., room15
Phone: (8422) 30-01-53
E-mail: fkiulsu@mail.ru
Appointment hours: Mon 11: 0013: 00, Tues 11: 0013: 00