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> Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Rehabilitation and Correction of Substance Abusing Juveniles

The Order of the Russian Ministry of Education "About Fulfilling the Decision of the Education Ministry Board from 15/01/2002 № 1" and the cooperation agreement about fulfilling the integrated program "Preventative  procedures, rehabilitation and fight against drug addiction among youth in the city of Ulyanovsk in 2002-2004" with Ulyanovsk City Hall, these two documents created the basis for the Centre. According to the Ministry orders № 2229 from 14/06/2002 and № 3863 from 04/11/2002 Ulyanovsk State University started to design the Rehabilitation Center for young drug addicts in Ulyanovsk Region.

Address: Ulyanovsk, 9 Polbina st., (8422) 458–536, 458–710, 481-613

The head of the Center - Sabitov Ildar Anberovich, candidate of Ph. D., docent, higher qualified neurologist, certificated mental specialist

The vice manager - Pavlova Yulia Mikhailovna — candidate of Ph. D., first category neurologist, certified mental specialist

The vice manager — Bystrova Olga Leonidovna — candidate of Ph. D., docent


The Centre's duties:

  • Fulfilling the Ministry of Education and Science Act №МД-1197/06 from 05.09.2011About preventive procedures against psychoactive drugs abuse in the sphere of education" according to the Ulyanovsk Ministry plan against psychoactive drugs abuse among youth;
  • Monitoring of psychoactive drugs abuse for measuring the scale of the problem among youth, revealing its tendencies of developing and taking necessary precautions;
  • Developing goal programs to prevent drug abuse in comprehensive schools, technical schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities;
  • Individual and anonymous psychological consulting;
  • Designing of scientific anti-drug publications;
  • Organizing and holding of scientific conferences, seminars, meetings concerning drug abuse prevention;
  • Providing of internship for students in the sphere of drug abuse prevention;
  • Express-testing of taking non-medicine drugs among youth;
Psychology and Pedagogy rehabilitating and adapting of youth of social risk category.