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> USU representative office in the settlement of Novospasskoye

dsc_3468.jpgThe USU representative office in the industrial settlement of Novospasskoye is a structural devision of Ulyanovsk State University

The USU representative office implements organizational, informational, analytical and propagandistic work among the population of the Southern District of socio-cultural educational university of recruiting, engaging and enrolling in the parent institution; it provides technical and logistical support for the preparatory training and a variety of educational and socio-cultural activities , as well as creating the necessary conditions for improving the educational, social and cultural level.

Representative office was established according to the decision of the Academic Council of USU of April 24, 2007, letters of the Federal Agency for Education 1106/1216from 03.07.2007, a tripartite agreement on cooperation in the field of educational and socio-cultural activities between the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, municipalities of Southern District (Novospasskiy, Nicholaevskiy, Pavlovsky, and Radischev Starokulatkinsky districts) and Ulyanovsk State University, where the USU Representative Office was defined as the Center of the Southern District in these destinations.

The Statute of the USU Representative Office in the industrial settlement of Novospasskoye was approved by the USU Academic Council (minutes number 13/128 of 26.06.2007 and amended minutes number 2/152 from 22.09.2009 );

The main areas of activity of the Representative Office

Participation in the organization of educational activities accompanied by USU students;

Career Guidance and promotion of pre-university training in the Southern District of socio-cultural university education;

Participation of the USU Representation (as an academic core district) in the implementation of the trilateral agreement on cooperation in the fields of educational and socio-cultural activities in the Southern District Development Programme SSCEUD until 2013.

The outcome of the USU Representative Office showed

1. Participation in the organized accompaniment of educational activities of the USU students.

1.1.The Representation is in a close contact with almost all USU education divisions, especially with the Institute of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Law; it provides organizational support of the educational process of students of higher professional educationFinance and Credit", Accounting and Audit, Legal; constantly engaged in monitoring students' attendance, the curriculum during the academic year, students' debt elimination; provides information and training materials.

At the above specialties (external studies and University Extension and training) are currently studying 96people (compared with only 6people enrolled up to the 2007th). This is mainly the youth working in the municipal authorities, law enforcement agencies, business leaders and organizations. This year the first graduation of law students of the specialty Jurisprudence" external studies is being planned. Since 2008and by now the Representation organizes regular students' trips to the parent university for training.

1.2. The material and technical base of the USU Representation was formed and improved

  • The current repairs, facade renovation of buildings are carried out;
  • All the necessary furniture is acquired;
  • Lecture rooms and computer classrooms are fully equipped;
  • Two gas boilers are commissioned;
  • Instructional literature library and electronic aids library is staffed and constantly updated;
  • The access to the Internet is provided;
  • The video conferencing technology for the organization of educational process on the basis of head of the university is provided.

The contracts with the organizations and departments on maintenance and upkeeping the Representation are signed.

2. The Career Guidance work and promotion of pre-university training in the Southern District of sociocultural educational university.

2.1. For the last three years, the Represantation employees have been constantly doing vocational guidance, publicity and promotional activities to recruit to the Ulyanovsk State University students from the number of residents. They held the meetings with schools, colleges, technical schools graduates and their parents, they appear on local television, radio and other media, they distribute printed advertising materials, they organize meetings with business leaders and organizations in this field.

onjointly with the management of pre-university education in 2007the process of the profile preparation for students from Nicholaevskiy and Novospasskoye areas (about 400people) was organized. With a number of students enrolled in the system of preliminary training, the number of USU students during this period has doubled.

The Representation Staff helps in the annual Open Days for graduates of SSCEUD, which involves Heads of municipalities of the Southern District, in the implementation of activities under the program for Gifted Children (selection and training of gifted children, holding competitions among school students in chemistry, physics, mathematics, Russian language, etc.).

All this allowed to:

  • Increase the number of students enrolled in USU 1.8 times for the full-time and correspondence courses. Today 350people are studying.

Annually the USU Represantation employees conduct monitoring of the graduates and their parents in the southern regions to explore their opinion on choosing an educational institution, future profession, about the demand for educational services in the labor market of SSCEUD.

The results showed that the main causes of enrolling to the USU are:

opportunity to get a qualitative education 44% (among the 254people who took part in the monitoring);

learning accessibility in this university 52%;

high level of professional training 31%.

3. The USU Representation participation in implementation of the trilateral agreement on cooperation in the fields of educational and socio-cultural activities in the Southern District Development Programme of SSCEUD.

3.1. Within the framework of a tripartite agreement between the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, municipalities and southern regions of USU in educational and socio-cultural activities and Development Programme SSCEUD the USU Representative staff participates directly in conjunction with the institutions - Medicine, Environment and Physical Culture, Economics and business; faculties Legal, Culture and art ; Marketing management; centers E-Learning, Psycho- pedagogical rehabilitation and correction of juvenile drug abusers and other psychotropic substances

- In organizing and training process

The SSCEUD experts with the departure to the parent institution and within the areas - municipal employees (25 people), health workers (with the use of telemedicine , 136people), cultural workers (48 people), employees of Physical Culture and Sports (38 people), teachers and principals, heads of kindergartens, unemployed and disabled children SSCEUD (on the mastery of information computer technologies 550people).

It should be noted that the year 2009became for school teachers of the district is a year of computer technology. And since this year for the citizens of SSCEUD in the conjunction with the Center for Internet Education the projectComputer Technology Step into the Future has been launched;

- Professional bodies and agencies for the use of innovative forms of organization of preventive work of deviant behavior in children (27 people );

- In the creation of the base center, carrying out projects, according to which each of the districts or municipalities has acquired the profile direction of development. Novospasskiy district as an educational, Nicholaevskiy both medical and social, Radischevskiy -Development of culture and preservation of historical heritage in rural society," Pawlowskiy -Development of physical culture, sport and tourism, promotion of healthy lifestyles," as well as in scientific conferences, seminars, workshops on educational, social and cultural nature, various trainings, SSCEUD campaigns for youth drug prevention and substance abuse and other public events (only 53in three years) .

The prospects of developing the USU Representative Office:

  • To carry out the career-oriented, advertising and information policy on the formation of a contingent future entrants to the parent institution for all types of higher professional education to full-time, correspondence and external form of studies, consulting and expanding coverage of career guidance services and activities for students in the upper grades in rural schools, to pay special attention to graduate schools, technical schools, actively involve the media in.
  • To continue participation jointly with the USU structural units in the implementation of the tripartite agreement and Programme of Cooperation in the field of educational and socio-cultural activities between the Governor and the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, municipalities and the Southern District of Ulyanovsk State University.

myazitova.jpgMyazitova Ekaterina Irfanovna


Contact information:

Address: settlement of Novospasskoe, 1, Mekhanizatsii St.

Phone: (84238) 2-23-17

E-mail: ulgu_novosp@mail.ru

Appointment hours: from 9.00 to 12.00