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> Department of radiation technologies

Department of radiation technologies


The base educational and scientific department  “Radiation technologies” of  Ulyanovsk State University was established in 2009 at the JSC Research Center NIIAR according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 27.02.2009 N 66 “About the approval of the order of establishing departments which provide educational process by educational institutions of higher education in scientific organizations”.

The purposes of establishing these departments are:

• Mutual cooperation of the university and the JSC Research center NIIAR in purpose-oriented profound training of highly qualified specialists for the needs of the nuclear industry.

• Implementation of joint scientific research in the priority areas of development of atomic and nuclear science and technology (radiation materials science, radiochemistry, radiation medicine, radiation physics of semiconductors and semiconductor items, ecology, modeling in the field of radiation technologies).

• Enhancement of educational process and more effective use of the personnel potential which is available in NIIAR when training young specialists and professionals with top skills.


The department provides an educational process in disciplines:

1. Radiation solid state physics;

2. Experimental methods in reactor materials science;

3. Absorbing materials and regulation controls;

4. Construction materials of atomic reactors.

Educational laboratories

1. Educational and scientific production laboratory;

2. Educational and scientific laboratory of mathematical simulation.

3. Radiobiological laboratory.

Major areas of research and development activities

1. Radiation materials science.

Researches in change of properties of reactor materials exposed to radiation. Development of models for resources prediction and periods of material operation  and  construction elements of nuclear reactors. Development of technologies of modification of materials properties. Research and development of new reactor materials. Modification by material radiation exposure used in different branches of science and the industry.

2. Radiation medicine.

The study of interaction of radiation with biological objects. Development and introduction of new radiation drugs, expansion of the drug range and reduction in cost of the known radiation technologies in medicine. Contribution to a program of establishing  a clinic of the radiation therapy in the Volga region which does not have analogs in the world.

3. Radiation physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices.

The study of natural course of interaction of radiation with semiconductors. A study of mechanisms of semiconductor devices degradation as a result of  ionizing radiation. Neutron alloying. Development of technologies of modifying  properties and alloying  semiconductor constructs by radiation.

4. Ecology.

    Implementation of radiation technologies in ecology, including the development of works on the technology of long-term storage and utilization of radioactive waste, creation of the closed cycles for the irradiated materials use, promotion of a promising technology of nonconventional use of the irradiated reactor materials as sources of radiation  for disinfecting drinking water and products.

    Radiation materials science.

    Modeling in the field of radiation technologies. Development and practical implementation of models of change of reactor materials properties as a result of radiation. The use of developed models for forecasting resources and terms of materials life and elements in designs of nuclear reactors and the radiation loaded products and aggregates. Modeling of technologies of modification of properties of materials radiation.




433510, Ulyanovsk region, Dimitrovgrad-10, JSC, Research Center NIIAR, Department of radiation technologies

Phones: (84235) 65581; (84235) 65562