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> Department of Therapy

Base Department of Therapy at FSBHI “Clinical Hospital № 172 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency”

Head of the Department is Deputy Director General for the medical unit — chief doctor  of FSBHI CH № 172 FMBA of Russia
Matrosov Dmitry Vasilyevich

Base Department of Therapy “Clinical Hospital № 172 FMBA” is located in the town of  Dimitrovgrad.
1.The department was set up by the decision of the USU Academic Council of 27/01/2015
2.The department is situated in “Clinical Hospital № 172 FMBA” in  Dimitrovgrad.
3.Goals and objectives:
- Integration of education, science and medical diagnostic activities as an essential condition to improve the training quality of a doctor;
- Ensuring direct participation of the FSBHI “Clinical Hospital № 172 FMBA” Dimitrovgrad in the educational activities of the University for training, retraining and improvement of experts’ professional skills  by engaging and effective use in the educational process of intellectual and material resources of the institution.
4. Ongoing work: thematic conferences for physicians, consultations for patient at “Clinical Hospital № 172 FMBA” in Dimitrovgrad by USU employees, development of teaching materials, conducting internship practical training, training specialists.