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Забыли пароль?

> Department of Pharmacy

Base Department of Pharmacy “Ulyanovsk Pharmacy”

Head of the department is the head of the pharmacy number 94 of «Ulyanovsk Pharmacy»,

a pharmacist

Julia Gennadievna Chumakova


The Department of Pharmacy was set up by USU Rector's order № 320 of 04.09.2015 in  the structure of the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical and Pharmaceutical Education at the Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture affiliated with the JSC “Ulyanovsk Pharmacy”.

The activity of  the Base Department is coordinated  by the Director General of JSC “Ulyanovsk Pharmacy”  Kuznetsova Olga,  from USU — Dean of the Faculty PMFO MD, Professor Peskov A.B. and deputy dean, head of the department of general and clinical pharmacology with a course of Microbiology, PhD in pharmacology, associate professor Prokofieva L.V. The head of the pharmacy number 94 of  “Ulyanovsk Pharmacy” Julia G. Chumakova is the head of the Base Department.

Base department was established for the purpose of training specialists in the field of pharmacy and training and industrial adaptation to the implementation of pharmaceutical activity on the basis of mutual interest and long-term cooperation, as an essential condition to improve the quality of training specialists-pharmacists.

The main objectives of  establishing the base department are:

· closer integration of education, science and production;

· ensuring the direct participation of JSC “Ulyanovsk Pharmacy” in the educational activities of the University through the involvement of intellectual and material resources and their effective use in the educational process;

· implementation of the principles of advanced education on this basis;

· holding the State Attestation, the final certification and primary accreditation of graduates on the basis of the department;

· implementation of target training of young specialists at the University for pharmaceutical institutions;

· effective solution of the problem of providing  healthcare institutions with highly qualified specialists.

Main educational disciplines of the base department:

· Management and economics of pharmacy

· Pharmaceutical Technology

· Training and manufacturing practices: Propaedeutic pharmaceutical, management and economics of pharmaceutical institutions, general pharmaceuticals.

phone: 8 (8422) 32-70-71
e-mail: kfarm@ulsu.ru