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> The formula of the supervisory board of the SEC "Engineering of the Future" has been determined

The formula of the supervisory board of the SEC "Engineering of the Future" has been determined
2020-08-14 08:42

New formats of collaboration between science and enterprises of the real sector of the economy in Russia are actively being introduced, such as scientific and educational centers. The SEC “Engineering of the Future” has combined the technological and scientific competencies of several regions of the country. This will make it possible to develop both separate territories and entire agglomerations.

According to the organizers of the project, the composition of its main governing body, the Supervisory Board, plays a fundamental role in the development of the SEC. Among the members of the main governing body of the SEC are top managers of large enterprises and corporations, rectors of universities, representatives of regional and federal authorities. They determine the direction of the SEC development, knowing the needs and complexities of various sectors of the economy and the life of society in the territories they represent. The Council is chaired by the Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov. Among the members of the council is the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov.

Roman Larionov, First Deputy General Director of TYAZHMASH JSC, member of the Supervisory Board of the SEC “Engineering of the Future”: “As a member of the Supervisory Board, I see the need of the council to motivate SEC partnership members to interact in combining the intellectual and technical potential of the Samara Region and the regions - partners, in other words, to maintain the drive of a given pace of work throughout the entire duration of the activity of the council.  To reach the level of global competition, it is important to determine the priority areas of tomorrow, give time to young specialists, provide resources to support ideas and talents, coordinate the activities of the partnership members of the scientific and educational center. It has already become a center of attraction for industrial partners and scientific schools, united by a common goal. It says that we are on the right track! "

Denis Shchurovsky, General Director of ZETTA LLC, member of the Supervisory Board of the SEC “Engineering of the Future”: “The principle of creating a development strategy, integration of science and production is “interwoven” into the work of the Supervisory Board. This largely helps to achieve results in the implementation of national projects and the creation of science-intensive industries, products with competitive advantages in the world market. The Supervisory Board will determine the areas of science and fundamental research and bring them to the production of high-tech products, that is, to applied applications. The creation of such deep integration solves specific problems for the needs of the real sector of the economy. As a specialist in related fields of science, technology, production, I intend to use all my competences in the work of the supervisory board in close connection with my colleagues. "

Fundamentally, the supervisory board is composed of the people who make key decisions in the largest corporations. They have a clear understanding of how necessary and promising the implementation of this or that project, born in the educational and scientific environment, can be. Today the supervisory board has 24 members. In the future, the composition can be expanded - it is planned that it will include several representatives of Russian enterprises of high-tech industries.