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> The USU development project “Educational space for the growth of technological breakthrough leaders”

The USU development project “Educational space for the growth of technological breakthrough leaders”
2020-08-02 06:52


Five teams of schoolchildren and students involved in creative project activities were able to switch to online services and in July completed their projects on Miro, Trello boards. The information security team  developed the HACKCRAFT gaming application to increase the level of information security literacy among the population. School students of the eighth grade Ivan Polyakov (Lyceum # 40 affiliate of USU) and Sofya Pertseva (Multidisciplinary Lyceum # 20) became the leaders of the team. First-year student of the FMIAT Nikolay Skovikov became the mentor of schoolchildren in programming.

The virtual reality team (team leader – school student of the seventh grade Anton Yamkin, secondary school # 41)  developed an Alfa version of the educational 3D shooter Valence Shot. A school student of the tenth grade Nikita Lisov (gymnasium # 79) and seventh-grade student Victoria Fedorova (secondary school # 9) developed the SolAR information and training application about the Solar System for Android-based devices using augmented reality (AR ), in a team with a first-year student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information and Aviation Technologies  Pavel Buldakovsky.

Artyom Efremov (gymnasium # 79) became interested in the topic “Smart healthcare” and developed a device prototype that stores information about first aid. When defending the project, Artyom demonstrated the operation of his device, spoke about the programming of the NFC chip and the plans for the development of the project in the Ulyanovsk region. The problem of pattern recognition by the method of machine learning was dealt with by the team of the multidisciplinary lyceum No. 20: a school student of the ninth grade Adelina Makhiyatova and students of the seventh grade Kristina Zelenko, Grigory Dudko and Anton Kolesnikov. They created a neural network, developed a software product that can recognize images (letters) in an image using machine learning methods. First-year student of the FMIAT Mikhail Emelyanov helped school students  in programming.

The head Elena Vershinina notes: “The project was accomplished owing to the creative energy and pedagogical abilities of our mentors: the general director of the software development company “Boehme UND Weiss Rus” Andrei Evgenievich Klochkov, researchers of the scientific and educational center  “Silicon-carbon nanotechnologies” of Ulyanovsk State University Pavel Evgenyevich Kapustin and Evgeny Mikhailovich Chavkin, trainer of the international school of informatics ISIJ, certified trainer-teacher of the educational center “Sirius” Alexander Stanislavovich Shabalin. We express our appreciation to our colleagues for their creative work with young people!

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