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> USU has pioneered in organizing a demo exam according to Worldskills-Russia standards

USU has pioneered in organizing a demo exam according to Worldskills-Russia standards
2020-06-29 17:00

For the first time in the region, USUhas conducted a demo exam for graduate students of the modern SOKOL open college and the Zavolzhye Faculty of Economics and Humanities who are studying in the program of Banking according to Worldskills-Russia standards.

The event can be called a landmark for the system of secondary special education not only in the Ulyanovsk region - the transition to a system of compliance of educational activities of universities and colleges with professional standards of Worldskills is now gaining momentum throughout Russia. “This means an all-Russian recognition of the quality of training at Ulyanovsk State University and significantly increases the importance of the USU diploma on secondary special education,” says Yevgeny Medvedev, director of the SOKOL College. - Ulyanovsk State University is the first in the region and one of the first in Russia to be awarded with the status of the Center for the Demonstration Examination in  “Banking” accredited in compliance with Worldskills-Russia standards. Today, the university is the only educational institution in the region that has the right to conduct such an exam. ”

Elena Muravyova,  Director of the USU Institute of Open Education notes: “To achieve such a high status is an extremely difficult task, and with regard to the competence of Banking, it is doubly difficult. Firstly, the exam was conducted in the country for the first time, and no one has yet passed the accreditation procedure for examination platform of this kind. I had to lay this path on my own, focusing only on my own strengths and capabilities. In a short time, we were able to organize a team of experts, prepare an impressive package of completely new documentation for us, and create the platform for the examination at the Sokol College. In addition, the situation was significantly aggravated by the period of self-isolation, which deprived us of the opportunity of contact work and personal interaction with the relevant units of Worldskills-Russia. But the result met expectations both in terms of the prospects for the development of secondary specialized education in the Ulyanovsk region and in terms of the grades received by our students in the exam. ”

The peculiarity of the demo exam as a form of certification is that the knowledge, skills acquired during the training by graduates are tested on the exam by immersing students in real production conditions. In the process of modeling a specific production situation, they must demonstrate the level of their professional competencies.

Completed tasks in accordance with international requirements were evaluated by certified external experts – staff members of Sberbank PJSC and representatives of the teaching staff of leading Russian educational institutions.

Demo exams for Worldskills competencies are conducted as part of the regional project “Young Professionals” of the national project “Education”. They include several stages: checking and setting up equipment by experts; briefing; exam and summarizing.