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> The Governor awards students and staff of USU with letters of gratitude

The Governor awards students and staff of USU with letters of gratitude
2020-06-28 11:38

On the Day of Youth, letters of gratitude were given to students and staff of USU. This is one of the most wonderful and long-awaited days in the life of every public figure!

Alexander Abramov, head of the youth policy and cultural work department, was awarded with an honorary diploma for fruitful social activities, achievements in the development of volunteering and for participation in the implementation of socially significant projects and youth initiatives in the region.

Kristina Krasnova shared her thoughts on this subject:

“It was very exciting to receive this award, because you are aware of the number of events that were left behind you. Yes, sometimes it was not easy, but it's worth it! And these are the warmest memories of my student years.

I am not a graduate, I still have to study for a year, so the activities of the flagship university are waiting for me!

There is always something to strive for, even more.

Many thanks to USU for my entire student life! ”