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> The winners of the Mr. and Miss USU-2020 contest have been chosen online

The winners of the Mr. and Miss USU-2020 contest have been chosen online
2020-05-25 04:42

The results of the annual contest “Mr. and Miss USU” have been summarized.  Fifteen students from the pre-eminent university fought for the victory in the final, for the first time the competition was held in the online format, but this did not prevent the participants from enjoying the beauty and talents.

The contestants competed in several categories: photo contest, video business card contest, text business card and creative live broadcast. Mr. and Miss Sport were selected in person before the start of remote learning based on the results of the competition and the implementation of the TRP standards. Mr. and Miss Intelligence were identified during the quiz game.

Viewers got the opportunity to get acquainted with the contestants remotely through online interviews. Participants talked about themselves and answered live questions. All numbers, with the exception of live broadcasts, were prepared in advance and recorded at home, but were broadcast and watched live in the “Mr. and Miss USU” group with live telecast of the presenters - Anastasia Posmitna and Oleg Azimov.

The jury consisted of the chairman of the regional branch of RUY Sergey Terekhin, the head of the youth policy and social work department of USU Svetlana Popova, the graduate of USU, the winner of numerous beauty contests Taliya Aibedullina, representatives of the beauty industry, sports, cultural institutions, youth activists.

“Reality dictates its own rules - online format! The jury members and I tried to review and evaluate each participant in different aspects. They told us about themselves, demonstrated creative abilities.

Winners deserve their titles! The process of judging and ranking took place without disputes and disagreements. Well done guys: they were preparing for one thing, but were able to find the courage and strength to rebuild themselves and prepare for such an unusual format” said Taliya Aibedullina.

A student of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies Veronika Slipchenko was chosen as Miss USU-2020, a student of the Faculty of Law Vladislav Filippov as Mr. USU-2020.

The winners in the nominations of the contest “Mr. and Miss USU-2020”:

Mr. Photo - Andrey Garyaev

Miss Photos - Nargis Siddikova

Mr. Talent - Alexander Kozelsky

Miss Talent - Polina Ignatieva

Mr. Charm - Denis Isakov

Miss Smile - Olga Volkova

Mr. Top Model - Alexey Antonychev

Mr. Masculinity - Vladislav Filippov

Miss Grace - Arina Treskova

Audience Choice Wahab Gurbanov

Miss viewers - Anastasia Kuzina

Mr. Sport - Akbar Allahyarov

Miss Sport - Veronika Slipchenko

Mr. Intellect - Nikolay Skovikov

Miss Intelligence - Anastasia Volkova

II vice-president of USU - Akbar Allakhyarov

I vice-president of USU - Andrey Garyaev

II vice-miss USU - Anastasia Kuzina

I vice-miss USU - Arina Treskova

For the holder of the crown, participation in the beauty contest is a novelty: “It was a very intense work. It was hard to realize the unexpected ideas that came. I tried to do everything in my power. But the most important thing is I had a good time! ”

Mr. UlSU-2020 Vladislav Filippov said: “For me, this contest has become something more than a competition. Victory was the goal I had been pursuing for two years. A huge number of professionals helped me in implementing my performance. Nothing would have happened without the support of my family and friends”.