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>  “Say yes to your health!” We invite everyone to USU!

 “Say yes to your health!”  We invite everyone to USU!
2020-02-06 11:28

On February 7 at 9.00 USU is to host the event “Say yes to your health!”  at the scientific library. This is a joint social project of Ulyanovsk State University and the Center for Medical Prevention and the Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle. The program includes a lecture by Dr. Elena Kazakova “How to maintain and strengthen health” and a screening examination for everyone.

Screening includes:
- blood pressure measurement and examination based on a computer screening analyzer “Cardiovisor” for rapid assessment of the state of the heart by ECG signals from the limbs;
- determination of total cholesterol and glucose in blood plasma on a rapid analyzer;
- inspection by an eye specialist -optometrist to assess the visual condition of the eyes, eyesight acuity and intraocular pressure;
- examination of the functions of the respiratory system, in particular determination of lung volume on a spirometer to detect early lung dysfunctions;
- monitoring the degree of oxygenation (oxygen saturation) of hemoglobin in arterial blood and pulse rate using the “Pulse Oximeter” device;
- measurement of anthropometric data (height, weight, body mass index).

After the examination, screening participants will receive individual recommendations from a general practitioner for lifestyle correction. To get better results of examination it is recommended you should not drink or eat food two hours before the start.

We invite students, teachers, university staff, residents of the region — everyone who wants to say “yes” to his health. We are waiting for you at: USU Scientific Library,  Sviyaga River Embankment, 106, Reading Room (Building 1, Room 237).
For information: 37-24-56; 89603648862 (Anna Zhuravleva).