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> New Year's address of Sergey Morozov, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region

New Year
2019-12-31 19:28

Dear fellow countrymen! Dear friends! 2019 is rapidly becoming an event of the past. Seeing it off, we traditionally recall the significant events that it brought into our lives. I am sure that for every Ulyanovsk resident there were many bright and joyful moments.

In the Year of the Theater in Russia, we opened the doors to new houses of culture, equipped the art schools with new musical instruments and began the long-awaited reconstruction of the Lenin Memorial. The Ulyanovsk region hosted major international sporting events with dignity - the XX World Crossbow Shooting Championships and the 1st World Martial Arts Festival TAFISA. In the Year of Invention and Innovation, together with the whole country, we switched over to digital television, opened new “Points of Growth” and a kindergarten in educational institutions. The legendary Ulyanovsk plant Aviastar-SP, having made a breakthrough in production, successfully fulfills a large state order. Actively implementing the national projects of the President of Russia, we are rapidly moving to new frontiers and accomplishments. With great experience, we are on the verge of a great Year of national memory and glory. Next year we are going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. With deep respect, we honor our ancestors who fought for our country.

On New Year's Eve, we all listen to chimes of the legendary Kremlin tower clock that sound throughout our seemingly huge, but at the same time such a small world. Having seen gratefully the 2019th year off, we are meeting the youngest 2020th. The future Year of the young will undoubtedly open up many new opportunities for growth, allow consolidating the results and multiplying the achieved.

The New Year has a happy feature - in one second it crosses out everything bad that happened last year and gives a chance to start all over again. Again, to climb those peaks that have not submitted to us before. Forgive those who voluntarily or involuntarily have offended us, and ask for forgiveness from those whom we have offended. But, most importantly, it gives us the strength to set new goals and go towards them with new perseverance. This night we are going to discover unknown horizons of achievements for ourselves and we believe that everything will work out. The strength for these accomplishments is given to us by those who are nearby - our family, our parents, our children, our friends. Hug them today, say to them the kindest words, let them feel the warmth of your hearts. Making wishes at the last minute of the year, we are one. We wish all the best to ourselves and our loved ones, our friends, our homeland. So may this unity be maintained throughout the year. Then we will definitely cope with all the challenges and take all the peaks. I wish you to fulfill these very cherished desires. May your home always be full of love, warmth and prosperity.

Happy New Year!