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> A presentation of projects in the field of rehabilitation has been held at USU with subsequent expert analysis

A presentation of projects in the field of rehabilitation has been held at USU with subsequent expert analysis
2019-12-30 09:00

On December 25, at the  USU Center “Boiling Point”, the presentations of the best Ulyanovsk projects were given by participants of the "Rehabilitation +" contest.  The analysis of typical mistakes was made by the experts. Leading experts explained how to properly design a project to increase the chances of winning in the future.

The first speaker was the silver medalist of the contest, Evgeny Dudikov, who spoke about his SYNAPSE project: “Every year, more than 6 million people have stroke in the world. Most of them become disabled, so the problem is how to develop high-tech equipment for rehabilitation, which will restore working capacity and household skills. The goal of the project is to develop a line of devices for the restoration of motor, sensory and cognitive functions. This will ensure the restoration of household, social and labor skills in patients and help them return to a full life. "

Victor Mashin, Head of the Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy at Ulyanovsk State University, pointed out the balance of the report containing the rationale for the relevance and idea of ​​implementation, and suggested increasing the time for submitting projects. “You should also have a couple of webinars on the ideology of project presentation. Most of the projects are very promising, but this was not fully reflected in the presentation: even the title slide contained only the name without explanation” emphasized the expert.

USU Vice-Rector for Innovative Development Dmitry Shabalkin said that, ideally, it is necessary to present a finished product, as the Chinese participants did: “A project is when we do something that did not happen before and that we save someone from something. Firstly, the project is designed for a certain period of time, necessary to create some kind of unique product or service. It is necessary to find out the problem the project is aimed at solving, determine for whom it is intended to be used, who will be the consumer, and substantiate its necessity. The project should end with a real product that can be sold. Even if the project is at the initial stage, it is necessary to clearly see the final goal. Benefit can be brought only by creating some kind of value that for the better will change people’s lives. ”

The expert emphasized that the product should be separated, and named the project of finalist Saikal Ismailova “A correcting device of the pathological stereotype of walking for patients with Parkinson’s disease” as an example: “Any clinic can use the designed shoes to restore normal walking without direct interaction with the developer.”

Then there was a presentation of the project “Development of a two-component implant for restoration of support and motor function in patients with injuries and pathologies of the spine”, which was not selected for the final, but became the winner of the selection for StartEX accelerator. “Injuries and fractures of the spine are very common problems in medical practice. The issue of surgical treatment and rehabilitation of patients is especially acute. Our project aims to restore impaired support and motor function of the spine due to injuries and pathologies. This is our first development. The competition for us is a large-scale event. This is an opportunity to talk about our invention and receive funding for further research in the field of rehabilitation” said project manager Yuriy Lyalchenko.

Andrei Domanov, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Technology at USU, said: “It should be understood for who the presentation was created. This may be the scientific community, investors ... Depending on the audience, the main function that the presentation should carry is going to change. During the presentation, it is necessary to clearly illustrate the advantages for the consumer and the advantages of the product over analogues - other ways to solve the problem the project is aimed at. Statements should be supported by statistics and reasoned visually, for example, in the form of a 3D model. The first thing to do when you think about commercializing a project is to study disease statistics and the market for goods and services offered. ”

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