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> USU scientists develop a world-class dosimeter

USU scientists develop a world-class dosimeter
2019-10-30 17:23

Staff and researchers of the USU Research Institute of Technology named after S.P. Kapitsa has developed a device that has no analogues in the world: a miniature dosimeter of an absorbed dose of radiation that does not require a power source and transmits readings using non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

The device is small in size, comparable to the size of a standard access card, and is intended for daily carrying by personnel of various specialized institutions, primarily staff members of nuclear industry and energy enterprises. In the course of the research, several modifications of dosimeters were designed, including both options without a power source, and with a small battery, which makes it possible to increase the distance of reliable operation when brought to the RFID reader.

An additional advantage of the USU development is the capability to integrate individual dosimeters and readers into the distributed information systems of the enterprise for operational monitoring of the accumulated doses in staff, as well as to use the dosimeter as a pass (ID-card) at the entrance control post of an enterprise.

“The application scope of radiation technology is currently expanding, so the development will also be useful to medical professionals dealing with ionizing radiation sources, personnel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as ordinary users who are concerned about the quality of their lives,” the scientists note.

The team of authors obtained a patent for the invention “A system for monitoring absorbed doses of ionizing radiation”.

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