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> University activists receive letters of gratitude from the governor

University activists receive letters of gratitude from the governor
2019-06-29 08:46

On Youth Day, the governor awarded those who contribute to the implementation of youth policy with letters of gratitude. The number of the university’s representatives among the heroes of the occasion was the most impressive. The awards were given to Svetlana Popova, the head of the department for youth policy and social work, Alexei Khrabskov, the head of the department of acting, head of the Youth Theater, Daria Mikhailova, the chairperson of the youth government, , a student of USU, Alina Navmyatullina a specialist of the youth policy and cultural work department, and numerous student activists.

Before the event, the head of the region discussed the implementation of youth policy with representatives of the administration of the governor, the government of the Ulyanovsk region and the youth government. “It was a thorough, specific and honest talk about our joint work,  about the problems and their solving. I would like to remind you that today the youth government of the Ulyanovsk region is recognized as the best regional youth executive body in Russia. These guys help us in solving the tasks of the highest state significance: in organizing and holding the Decade of Kindness, in promoting numerous good deeds and in carrying out large, significant events in the region. We strive to organize truly joint work on the sectoral principle, so that the participants of the youth government take not a nominal, but a real participation in the current work of the state authorities and municipal authorities, ”said Sergey Morozov.

In addition, new youth projects were presented to the governor, which started or will only be implemented in the near future. In particular, the project “I will stay”, the idea of ​​which is to conduct various activities aimed at drawing attention to the problems of outflow of young people, stimulating the desire to stay in the region, creating a positive image of the region as a favorable area for self-realization.

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