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> Nikas Safronov has painted a picture with the image of USU and presented it to the university

Nikas Safronov has painted a picture with the image of USU and presented it to the university
2019-06-01 08:13


A meeting with the famous artist-native resident of Ulyanovsk was held at the preeminent university of the Ulyanovsk region. Professor and member of the USU Board of Trustees of USU Nikas Safronov presented the university with his paintings dedicated to the city. In an informal atmosphere, the honored artist of Russia answered the questions of students of creative professions, gave autographs, chocolates with the image of his works and took pictures with everyone.

The Rector of USU, Boris Kostishko, thanked Nikas Safronov for donated works and his attention to his small homeland, flagship university, young Ulyanovsk artists.

“Once I hinted that there were empty places on the walls in the assembly hall and it would be nice to hang pictures here. It was a joke, but Nikas took it seriously and promised to paint pictures that would be associated with Ulyanovsk and the university. We are very lucky that the world-famous artist is our countryman, otherwise we would never have his fantastic works” the Rector said.

Nikas Safronov said in his reply: “It is a great honor for me to be here. I love this city, I even bought 25 hectares of land near Ulyanovsk, where I will hold open-airs, master classes. There is a wonderful pond, there is a lake, a forest, and a monastery in Komarovka. I was born in Ulyanovsk  and really never forgot my hometown. Here is a special atmosphere and energy. The pictures I tried to paint in the technique of old masters, as if they were written a long time ago. The works depict the landmark buildings of the city: a museum, a university. The allegorical meaning is that children, students should not be afraid of difficulties and overcome them, earn the fruits of labor and share them with others. ”

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