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> Results of the year: the preliminary results of the work of universities in 2018 have been summed up at the meeting of the Council of Rectors

Results of the year: the preliminary results of the work of universities in 2018 have been summed up at the meeting of the Council of Rectors
2018-12-29 12:46

The head of the region participated in the meeting of the heads of Ulyanovsk universities at USU. Sergey Morozov said that taking account of the existing system of national and regional strategic priorities, he considered  it necessary to continue and strengthen joint work on training personnel for wind power, aircraft industries, digital economy: “This is already being done, but new markets are growing very rapidly, and therefore, the number of seats in universities in these areas must grow. Along with them, the whole chain of vocational guidance and training of applicants. Secondly, cooperation with companies in the real sector remains an important area. These are specialized departments, joint research projects, investments in the form of intellectual property, and so on. Thirdly, we expect the universities themselves to create a significant proportion of small innovative enterprises and start-ups. A certain amount of work in terms of, for example, the digital economy has already been done both at USU and at USTU. Universities should actively participate in the development of innovative development strategies for themselves, for large companies and for the region as a whole. And we see this kind of cooperation between the government of the Ulyanovsk region, the municipalities of the region with our universities. ”Among the achievements in the higher education system, the Governor, among other things, singled out the acquisition of the status of the flagship university by USU and its position in national and All-Russian rankings, a unique system of personnel training for an innovative economy, support for research activities.

According to the head of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Ulyanovsk Region, Oleg Asmus, the Governor approved a list of priority research areas, consisting of 24 main and five reserve topics, the most important for the region. Some of them provide a scientific justification for attracting additional financial resources for the development of the Ulyanovsk region. Others are aimed at solving urgent problems, for example, to reduce mortality rates or increase labor productivity. In order to comprehensively approach the task, various experts are involved, including from the USU, with which  the Center has recently concluded a cooperation agreement.

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