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> Russian residents present their projects to their colleagues from China

Russian residents present their projects to their colleagues from China
2018-07-25 06:12

The presentation of projects by Russian residents of the youth business incubator was held today at Ulyanovsk State University. The delegation from China got acquainted with 10 projects dedicated to technology, health, culture and history. Chinese residents liked the project in the field of biotechnology, the essence of which is to determine by the human genome predisposition to cardiovascular diseases and the possibility of avoiding it by adults and children.

Not less interesting project for the guests from China was the start-up "Lenin.online". This service of online excursions in the language of the consumer with AR / VR / 3D technologies makes it possible to get fully immersed in the history of the Russian Empire, the USSR and Russia, to go through all Lenin's places and become a participant in the events of 1870-1991. The project found a response from the Chinese side, and its author was invited to combine efforts for the development of tourism between the two countries.

After the presentation, networking took place, during which the residents discussed which way they could be useful to each other.

The day ended with shopping at the largest shopping center in Ulyanovsk -  “Aquamall”.

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