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> Governor Sergei Morozov runs a joint meeting of the Council of Young Scientists and Presidium of the Council of the Rectors of Universities at USU

Governor Sergei Morozov runs a joint meeting of the Council of Young Scientists and Presidium of the Council of the Rectors of Universities at USU
2018-06-08 07:23

The head of the region marked the importance of forming an integral system of training and professional growth of scientific and scientific and pedagogical personnel. "At the level of the government of the Ulyanovsk region, a fundamental decision has been made to reconsider the system of supporting the innovation activity. The emphasis will be placed on attracting young scientists and assisting scientific teams working in line with the tasks and priorities of the region and the country. It is important for us that they could reach international platforms, so that invention, rationalization activity and innovation could be developed in the region. We are speeding up the construction of the Technological Valley, which could become a platform for specialists from other regions, and we are ready to provide conditions for their development. We have already made a number of measures aimed at supporting young scientists, creating prerequisites for the fulfillment of their potential" - stressed Sergey Morozov.
The governor named five areas of this work. A list of regional priority research topics has been announced that are going to be given support. In addition, a similar register of studies on the development areas of the Russian Federation is being developed. It is also planned to develop a mechanism for stimulating the publication activity of the Ulyanovsk scientific community through the assignment of payments for articles in journals indexed in the RINC and the Web of Science. Another step will be the elaboration of the issue of providing municipal housing on a competitive basis to scientists from regional universities. It is also planned to launch a program to stimulate scientific creativity.
As specified by the Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region Natalya Semyonova, in 2018 the regional budget already provides 50 million rubles for these purposes in the framework of an agreement with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.
"At the beginning of the year, the governor signed a decree on some measures to support young scientists. This is a strategic document that determines the main guidelines of our work. It outlines a planned set of support measures, including the introduction of personal scholarships, prizes and grants, assistance in the publication of materials. Now we are calculating the amount for the introduction of such an incentive to allocate the funds while forming the regional budget for 2019, "said Natalia Semyonova.
In addition, the meeting addressed the issue of uniting the efforts of young scientists and production specialists.
"We are talking about the establishment of small innovative enterprises at universities, which can rightly be considered as "growth points" in the region. For example, innovative business structures have been set up at the flagship university, which includes the results of intellectual activity of the university's research teams with extensive experience in fulfilling orders. When they were set up, the main strategic directions of the Ulyanovsk region development, the industrial specifics of the region and long-term economic activity were taken into account," explained Boris Kostishko, the Rector of the flagship university of the Ulyanovsk region.