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> The center for personified nuclear medicine has been opened at USU

The center for personified nuclear medicine has been opened at USU
2018-01-12 20:54

The new center will ensure the development of technologies for production of radiopharmaceutical medications, their further use, pilot production, preclinical trials, clinical try-outs, and transfer of synthesis technologies of such medications to nuclear medicine markets, including foreign ones. As a result, a new sector of the economy will be set up in the Ulyanovsk region that will ensure a decrease in mortality rate from cancer, an increase in the R & D volume and a number of high-tech jobs."We hope that in the near future  research being conducted in laboratories will be used by our medical institutions, and patients will receive treatment with new types of radiopharmaceutical medications of so-called" fourth generation ". So, the establishment of the scientific and technological center at Ulyanovsk State University will enable us to fulfill the tasks more effectively set in presidential decrees in May to increase life expectancy and reduce the death rate of the population, "said the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.
Equipment that has no analogues in our country has been purchased for the laboratory of the center. The project, connected with research in the field of radiopharmaceutical medications  is fundamental in the nuclear-innovation cluster.