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> USU is at All-Russia seminar-meeting of the Trade Union of Educators and Scientists "The main trends in the higher education development"

USU is at All-Russia seminar-meeting of the Trade Union of Educators and Scientists "The main trends in the higher education development"
2017-10-07 08:23

All-Russian seminar-meeting of the Trade Union of Workers of Education and Science "Main Trends in the Development of Higher Education" was held from September 24 to September 29, at Don State Technical University. Vadim Dudin, the head of the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Trade Union, stressed in his report that the main goal of the state policy in the sphere of higher education is still ensuring accessibility and quality of higher education; outlined programs of modernization in the field of higher education and support for the country's flagship universities, focused on the preparation of highly qualified specialists at the national level who can be in demand on the modern labor market. Much attention was paid to the program of an effective contract, designed to support teachers and using a variety of incentive payments and allowances to guaranteed salaries. As a positive example, the experience of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design was presented.
Simultaneously with the meeting of the general meeting of trade union leaders, there was a discussion of the draft Industry Agreement for 2018-2020 in working groups in the following areas: general issues and social relations, wages and working hours, labor protection and social guarantees.
An important part of the seminar was the final of the IV All-Russian competition "Trajectory of Success" for the best program of activities of the primary trade union organization of university employees. As a result of the final stage, the winner was the project of Altai State University, which introduced the site of the trade union organization (the author-Oleg Ternovoi). Through a general vote, the results of the All-Russian photo contest "Faces of the Trade Union" were also summed up.
The main university at the event was represented by Galina Kruglova, the chairman of the cultural activities commission of the USU trade union committee of staff, the director of the USU history museum.