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> Terrorism prevention is the topic of a homeroom hour at the USU music school

Terrorism prevention is the topic of a homeroom hour at the USU music school
2017-09-06 05:52

Today at the G.I. Shadrina music school  of Ulyanovsk State University the traditional homeroom hour for the whole school has been arranged. Such a meeting is held at the educational institution every month. The questions concerning both educational, and creative, public work were on the agenda. Usually at a homeroom hour students are given an opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts which can be realized in the future. This time the guest of the event was  Alexander Krasnov,  the assistant to the rector of USU on security, the deputy head of the resources protection department  who gave a lecture to students "Terrorism. Corruption. Extremism". Alexander Semyonovich paid special attention to the subject of terrorism threats in social networks from which "nobody will be able to protect the youth because all that is forbidden, is always interesting". While completing his speech Alexander Krasnov recommended students to be careful and vigilant.

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