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> A meeting with the representatives of All-Russian public organization "Union of Rehabilitologists of Russia"

A meeting with the representatives of All-Russian public organization "Union of Rehabilitologists of Russia"
2017-09-06 05:33

The meeting of the Ulyanovsk State University delegation  under the leadership of Boris Kostishko, the Rector (composed of the Vice Rector for innovative development Natalya Ilyina and the head of the department of  neurology, neurosurgery, physiotherapy and physiotherapy exercises Victor Mashin), the Minister of Health, Family and Social wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region Rasheed Abdullov with members of the presidium of All-Russian public medical rehabilitology organization  "The union of rehabilitologists of Russia" headed by the chairman Galina Ivanova took place on September 5 in Moscow in the rehabilitation center  "Preodolenie".The subject of the meeting is the development of the regional rehabilitation system by means of creating the innovative rehabilitation center at USU.

This project was initiated by the university within implementation of the "Ulyanovsk Atlas of  Bionomics and Health" strategic project of the USU development program – the flagship university of the Ulyanovsk region.

Work of the rehabilitation center  will be aimed at solving the three priority tasks:

1. training specialists of multifunctional rehabilitation teams composed of doctors -rehabilitologists and also specialists of non-medical fields (kinezotherapists, ergotherapists, logopedists, psychologists).

2. doing scientific target research of developing and trying out new methods and technologies of rehabilitation.

3. implementing  the rehabilitation programs for the population of the Ulyanovsk region: consultation, development of individual rehabilitation programs, diagnostics, implementation of rehabilitation procedures.

The arrangement of the tripartite cooperation agreement between the Union of reabilitologists of Russia, the Ministry of Health, family and social well-being of the Ulyanovsk region and USU became the outcome of the meeting.