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> USU will help to get prepared for the USE

USU will help to get prepared for the USE
2017-08-11 07:29

Training courses are available for the program “Design”  and formation of professional art skills in the field of drawing, painting and composition.

Training courses are the most common form of preparing for admission to a higher education institution. Classes are conducted by the university teachers who are  authoritative experts with long-term experience of work with prospective students. Effective methods of training allow listeners to increase significantly the knowledge base, to fill gaps, to successfully pass examinations. Listeners are free to choose subjects and programs of training.

In the program of training courses:

• Effective improvement of knowledge of all general education subjects for successful passing OGE, USE and being accepted as students  to a higher education institution.

• Preparation for exercises of an increased complexity and Olympiad tasks giving a score advantage at an examination.

• Development of the skills to accumulate, systematize and creatively use  knowledge.

Training courses at our Center is:

• Various programs.

• Skilled teachers of the university.

• Training in  small groups and individually.

• Flexible hours of classes.

• Convenient forms of payment.

If you want to sign up for courses, write us a letter send it to e-mail:dovuz@ulsu.ru. We will contact you as soon as possible .

Any questions can be asked at VKontakte, to e-mail:dovuz@ulsu.ru or by phone: (8422) 41-28-17.