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>  USU hosts the stage of the All-Russian contest of talented school students

 USU hosts the stage of the All-Russian contest of talented school students
2017-03-06 08:40

On March 1 the municipal stage of the All-Russian contest of school students’ project works  “Sirius” in the field of Personal Medicine  was held at USU. The USU medical and biological center became the key platform of the contest. School students worked in teams over a case with tasks under the guidance of experienced scientists. Previously contestants solved the problems posted on the contest website.

In the field of Personal Medicine  school students provided interesting project decisions raising the questions of monitoring health, early diagnosis of diseases, recommendations about work loads and nutrition.

The Medical and biological research center is a good  start platform for implementing  solutions of project tasks - its structure incorporates modern laboratories of biochemistry, immunology, diagnostics, system and synthetic biology. Besides, the simulation center of medical modeling  will help to familiarize young inventors and researchers with scientific search and experiment

The nomination of the contest "Personal Medicine" corresponds to the field of the scientific research program of priority “Health Saving Technologies” pursued by the Institute of Medicine, ecology and physical culture of USU.

Results of the contest  showed that school students have a real opportunity to implement the intellectual and personal potential in science.