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> USU signs the agreement with schools on a field specific cooperation

USU signs the agreement with schools on a field specific cooperation
2017-03-06 07:59

On March 1 school students majoring in chemistry and biology from seven educational institutions were the guests of Ulyanovsk State University. The agreement on cooperation in chemical and biological profile was signed between USU and schools of the city. School students of the senior classes of multi-profile lyceum No. 11, gymnasiums No. 1, No. 30, No. 33, No. 34, and also secondary schools No. 42 will have an opportunity to have practical training at higher education institution.  Pavel Degtyar, the Minister of Healthcare,  family and social wellfare of the Ulyanovsk region,  Rais Zagidullin, the Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region addressed the audience with welcome speeches. School students were also addressed by directors of gymnasiums and schools.

Consultations on the chosen questions of the USE for prospective students in chemistry and biology were carried out by Ekaterina Rassadina, the Vice-chairman of the Unified State Examination commission in biology, PhD in Biology, associate professor and Larisa Mikheyeva, the Vice-chairman of the Unified State Examination commission in chemistry, PhD in Chemistry, associate professor. Then the students were invited to have an excursion on interactive platforms of the Faculty of Medicine  where it was possible to see the equipment of the simulation center of medical technologies.

6 stations were organized: 1-3 stations: demonstration of the main surgical skills, it is heart– pulmonary resuscitation, pre-medical and first medical aid on educational simulators, exercise machines and dummies.

4th station: a biological quiz, bases of the microscopic equipment, demonstration of biological material under a microscope.

5th station: master classes of the Medical college teachers in the fields (surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, nursing, medical care).

6th station: an excursion with demonstration of anatomic exhibits and medications.

Signing the protocol on the intentions between Ulyanovsk State University and educational institutions of Ulyanovsk directed towards early career guidance and field specific medical training, organized by the Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Rehabilitation according to the established schedule within the Youth medical academy was the result of the meeting.

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