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> University to develop collaborative research with Helmholtz Association

University to develop collaborative research with Helmholtz Association
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On the 15th of June, USU rector prof. Boris Kostishko and vice-rector for research prof. Victor Golovanov met with representatives of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, D-r Ermilie Gaganidze and Christian Dethloff to discuss the opportunity for collaborative research in high technologies.

The Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers is the largest scientific organization in Germany, which boasts 16 centers and about 28 thousand staff. It contributes to solving major challenges of today’s society with pioneering achievements in such areas as energy, environment, health, key technologies, structure of matter, transport and space.

The Helmholtz Association does a lot to promote research on an international level and enjoys strategic partnerships with prominent scientists worldwide, including Russia, which now hosts one of its three international offices. Established in Moscow in 2005, the representation has become a starting point for researchers of both countries seeking partners with mutual interests.

The visitors expressed hope that the Helmholtz Association and USU would develop successful collaboration in studying mechanical qualities and structure of materials for future thermonuclear reactors. This three-year project is being coordinated by D-r Gaganidze, a representative of the research center in Karlsuhe, and co-sponsored by the Helmholz Association and Russian fundamental research foundation.

Other issues discussed during the meetings included terms of Christian Dethloff’s internship at USU, where he will be modeling growth of helium bubbles in engineering materials and exploring the impact of electron irradiation on mechanical qualities. The young scientist is certain that USU has all the tools necessary to conduct state-of-the-art research and intends to combine his work with Russian language studies.